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E69 Motion 2DOF 1.23

By: Logykal

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Logykal
Screenie by: Logykal

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We are glad to share with sims community our motion software.

E69 Motion 2DOF is a free software program that provides a user-friendly and intuitive tool, for the operation of motion chassis. It can be used to build a low-cost yet high-quality chassis for flight and racing simulators. It consists of a GUI in charge of the configuration, calibration and running-up of the motion system. Operation is very simple: select your actuator COM ports, complete the calibration, configure the actuator motion, configure the feel motion and off you go!

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I present my rendition of Sandown Raceway based on the way it was presented for the V8 Supercar Championship round in 2012. The track has been scratch built using a combination of google earth images, personal experience, photos and onboard videos.
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

Can't seem to be able to download this, keeps going to google docs.
trevdebow on May-07-2016

At the moment, the software only runs with SCN5 actuators. We are investigating and developing with another actuator more cheapest, but we need more time . I'm writing an article in Logykal blog talking about hardware. I hope it will be usefull for you

korrea on Jan-29-2013

I'll just use this: But is there anything on seats?
autodieb on Jan-29-2013

Wow awesome. I for sure am gonna try this out. Do you have any recommendations on the actuators and maybe other hardware/seat related information?
autodieb on Jan-29-2013

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