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By: SpeedRacerEMD and OutRun_(UDR) & Chris_(UDR)

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Screenie by: SpeedRacerEMD
Screenie by: SpeedRacerEMD

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With the help of OutRun_(UDR), Chris_(UDR) and SpeedRacer_EMD we have put together this VHR SKin collection for everyone to use.
It does not have skins from other leagues just our own collection.

Most of us are bored with default cars but can't find a skin to use that is not personalized for someone else. So this gives you a choice of skins to drive until you can get one of your own!
Have fun and go to to connect to our teamspeak and Run on our server EMD It is at the top of the server list in VHR!!

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Pedrynch on Sep-06-2018

Thanks for the encouragement.
speedraceremd on Aug-14-2011

All i got to say is your painters need to learn how to paint alittle bit better
dracer22 on Aug-11-2011

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