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EOAA DBR9 Challenge 1.05

By: EOAA and EdOG
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 06-Jun-08
Current release: 1.050, on 24-Jun-08

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This mod is no longer supported as we have decided to concentrate our efforts on EOAA GT This mod can be completely deleted, it is more than a year older than EOAA GT which has 10 GT1 cars.

rFactor EOAA DBR9 Challenge V1.00

We would like to say thank you to EdoG for creating the original models and more importantly, allowing others to work on and hopefully improve his original DBR9 Challenge mod.

If you use any of the work from this EOAA version well you have my permission but I'd (Rich_A) like credit in the read me and a mention of If you want to contact me regarding this mod, send an email to If anyone is not keen on using the installer, well it does not install anything at all in your registry neither does it add an item to your start menu. It's really only a means of compression and an easy way to uninstall folders and files which are in different locations. If you would like to know what files are installed, well simply install it to an empty folder and you will be able to see all folders and files.

This mod includes new sounds and new physics. The sounds are a mixed bag of different V12 engines, if anyone has some decent onboard GT V12 material to work with, let me know and I might work on the sounds some more. We started working on the physics back in February 2008. I say we, well I drive and test the physics but so does Ari Antero (aka SpaceFox) who has driven many real world racing cars. Without his guidance and input it would not have been possible to make this mod. We also contacted Jet Alliance who gave us some valuable information about top speeds and lap times. There are working glowing brakes (although they have to be really hot, 500 to 600 to glow fully) and also dirt build up on the windscreen (takes about 40 minutes for the animation to reach the final texture).

The physics have been made using carFactory (thanks to Kangaloosh for a truly amazing program, keep up the good work). The data we fed into it has undergone rigorous testing. The real life specifications we used can be found here although I had to change the engine specifications a little in order to get the real RPM difference between max torque and max power. Trigonometry was used to calculate and set push rod angles in the hdv. carFactory's wheel radius results are exactly the same as the tbc files. The tbc files are in sync with the suspension model file which makes for a very connected drive.

We have made FFB settings for this car and I highly recommend using them. The car works perfectly with the realfeel plugin but as far as I know we are the only ones to use our methods so you must make backups of your Controller.ini and RealFeelPlugin.ini. Our settings car be found here please read it all carefully and use the DBR9 settings except the profile is not [GT1], it's [E_DBR9] for this mod. The anti roll or sway bars are 2x their real world counterpart. The spring based sway is half the strength of what it ought to be, read more about it here A front sway of 360 and rear sway of 60 set in the garage would actually be 180 front and 30 rear.

Regards, European Online Autosports Association.

rFactor EOAA DBR9 Challenge patch V1.02

Change log

New external sounds, they're much more like a GT V12 car now. Internal sounds updated, the pitch is exactly the same as the material I got the samples from. The sounds are louder, I managed to amplify the high rpm samples without causing clipping or distortion. Blip amount reduced slightly to improve the down shifting sounds. Tyre heating decreased quite a lot. Fast drivers were complaining about over heating temperatures. From V1.02 to V1.04 there was a tyre heating increase of 20%, from V1.02 to V1.05 there is an increase in tyre heating of 8%. Also the affects of grip loss from being below optimum temperature have been reduced slightly and the affects of grip loss when above optimum temperature increased slightly. This makes it a bit easier for slower drivers to find grip and it means fast drivers have to concentrate more on tyre temperature management. Have set PitGroup in rfm to =1 to avoid pit stop clashes. Also added two El.Padre skins to the mod.

Internal sounds completely new and much improved, thanks to Pablos_CZ for sending me lots of new material although I only used the onboard material. Increased blip amount. Increased Dunlop grip so that they have a fraction more grip than the Michelin tyres but a bit less grip than the Pirelli tyres. Lowered engine inertia from 0.275 to 0.195 (30% of maximum engine torque) this makes the engine a bit more responsive.

Tinted windscreen not so dark. Improved default setup. Brake glow increased. Tyre heating improved so that it now only takes about 2 or 3 laps to get the tyres up to 90°C and the car does not have to be driven so hard to maintain 90°C. Hard tyres have 10% less heating than medium tyres and soft tyres have 10% more heating than medium tyres. Fuel consumption increased slightly.

Fixed typing mistake/accident which caused the medium Michelin rear tyres to have the same temperatures across the tyre. All tyres triple checked and working as intended.

New tyres. Credit goes to Alex Laidlaw and Niels Heusinkveld for helping out and teaching me about real world slip angles and slip ratios, many thanks. The tyres have much more rounded grip and there isn't an excessive increase in grip as load increases as there was in V1.00. The tyres have a lot more grip in a straight line which makes the car feel tighter and more responsive. The lateral curve's fall off is very gradual which enables the car to get very sideways without the grip totally disappearing as it did in V1.00, the car can get sideways but it's now recoverable.

Also created a helmets folder so that drivers can pick a helmet for online racing.

Some people have had problems with the cams. It works fine for me though, it's probably a driver problem. There is a cam fix below, please use it if you have problems with the cams.

For those of you who are concerned about the maximum lock of 16°, well don't be it is very intentional. A GT slick tyre has a peak slip angle of about 5° no load and about 7° with load. This gives the car incredibly good grip at turn in and so improves braking and acceleration, a gradual fall off of lateral grip creates the corner speed. As a general rule, peak slip angle with no load needs to be about 1/3 (one third) of maximum steering lock. So if the maximum was 23° the peak slip with no load would have to be about 7.5° which is too high for a GT slick tyre.

If this mod allowed even 17°, the front tyres would loose an excessive amount of grip at full lock and even cause the front tyres to skid and smoke. In real life GT cars use more than a 16° lock but only so that they can get out of the garage or to get around another car after making a pit stop. But when a GT car is racing, it is never using more than about 16° lock. They don't change the lock on the fly, they use coloured tape stuck to the steering wheel. When the tape is at the top position the front wheels have reached their maximum steering angle. This is not possible to do in rFactor and so we limit the lock instead. To get out of the pits we recommend using Steer Ratio Speed="8.00000". This line is in your Controller.ini at the top. 8m/s is about 29kph so it won't be enabled while you're racing.

Regarding the sounds, some have said they are too quiet. Well the problem is not that the samples are too quiet, the problem is that your sound card cannot amplify them enough. The samples are already at 100% volume, if I increase the volume any more they will start to clip and distort. Many people add distortion to boost the volume but then quality and detail is lost. I prefer to keep original quality and detail and then use my stereo amplifier to increase volume. There are a couple of tweaks I have made in V1.05 which increase volume slightly but if you want more volume you need to plug your sound card into a stereo amplifier. Sound cards have great quality but they do not for some strange reason make very good amplifiers.

(Since writing this I've learned that it is possible to amplify the sounds beyond 100% without introducing clipping or distortion although some detail is lost. Some of the V1.05 samples are amplified beyond 100% and so they ought to be loud enough without a stereo amplifier but I still recommend using one).

The latest version of this mod is currently running on our server. The server name is EOAA.ORG, please feel free to join us for some races.

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Latest EOAA DBR9 Challenge Comments

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Can some one put the 1.05 Patch on a faster server? I have tried for days to download it from both links and the fastest speed I got was 800 bytes/sec.
bdr_ws6 on May-15-2009

Anybody got the same problem as me of the nosecam pointing upside down so your seeing an inverted world????
deanbadspal on Apr-09-2009

Hi, I wondered if you can help me. All the cars are missing their textures, so they are just monochromatic. This is the only mod that does this and I am baffled, can anyone help?
AlFitz on Mar-23-2009

when would you update this mod?
crbassassin on Nov-25-2008

Great Mod guys..I would drive this all day and night but for one thing.. why is there no sound or nearly no sound when you back off the throttle really feels weird .
As soon as you get back on the throttle it sounds great. Physics are magic though ..well done.
minton on Oct-13-2008

Well the tyres in this mod are old and create quite a lot of understeer. The new ones in the EOAA GT mod are much better. Also the aero isn't good in this mod either so it needs a patch but don't know when I will do that.
CBFR on Sep-06-2008

This is a brilliant mod. Much like The US Pits' NAGT mod, it's taking rFactor to uncharted places in terms of physics and the tire model, so it's taking people out of their comfort zone.

There are two responses when that happens: People either keep an open mind and appreciate how this mod and NAGT feel more like real cars than most mods in rFactor because of painstaking attention to detail and great tools like carFactory and Trex, or they bitch like hell that the mod sucks, that it's unrealistic, etc.

Well, get out of your comfort zone, people: This mod is the real deal.

The sense of weight transfer is better than any rFactor mod I've driven. And with Rich's updated tire and physics files after he reworked the tires with Niels' Trex tool, the tire model is sublime. Those file and RealFeel updates are available at the EOAA forum.

This is one of the few mods in rFactor that doesn't suffer from "black ice" syndrome. You can dance with the cars at the edge of grip due to the superb tire model, and when the car starts to slide, you can catch it. I had some brilliant slides through the Keyhole at Mid-Ohio late in a stint with worn tires. So much fun.

But don't think for a second that you can drive like a drifter on Red Bull in "The Fast and the Furious III." No, sir. This mod rewards precision because of its excellent physics and tire models. You really need to hit your marks and lines very precisely and hold them through the corner.

My hat is off to you, Rich. I was an early critic of your work. But trying and understanding is believing. I can't wait to get your GT mod after running many merry laps with this DBR mod tonight.

pk500 on Sep-05-2008

Actually I'm using different version of Brno which has less bumps, it could be the reason for the lap time differences. Have sent you a personal message at eoaa forum.
CBFR on Aug-21-2008

Wow, I don't have a chance to make it under 1.58.5 now, but maybe that's not a surprise when I'm at least 10 degrees above optimum on front left.
I have to go to bed now as I wake up early tomorrow, I'll do some more testing and let you know with the progress, the steering lock looks like good idea.
x-ondrasek on Aug-21-2008

Huh, something funny is going on here. I do mid 1m58s and with practice I think 57s with 50L and medium tyres, that's with temps 90 to 100 front left. There really is much less grip if you let the car slide, peaks slips are about 6° and at max load only 6.3°. The key to slicks is to do as little as possible with them, find grip within the smallest margins. If you watch drivers racing on TV they make the smallest movements just to put the car right. Sliding about is only for exiting from pit lane and getting heat into the tyres but it's not fast to slide these cars. In older cars like in the Historic GTL mod, it's fast to slide because peak slip is much higher but those old cars had very little downforce and so much less load. The high downforce with these GT cars means that peak slip can occur at low angles which means a more responsive car and higher average grip levels.

How many degrees does your wheel have? I use 315° at the moment but that's quite low, normally I would use 400° with 15° lock. So if you have a 200° wheel try 8° lock, excessive steering will mean the front tyres are too far beyond peak slip and so grip will be reduced. Try the tyres at default pressures too, they are less than what I said earlier because there's less downforce now.

I've activated your eoaa forum account no problem. We can continue this discussion here because it's about the DBR9.
CBFR on Aug-21-2008

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