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Eagles Canyon Raceway 1.60

By: PlickBadger
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Apr-09
Current release: 1.600, on 18-Sep-11

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Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger
Screenie by: PlickBadger

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Track Specs:

Long Course Length: 2.5 miles
Short Course Length: 1.7 miles
Track Width: 40 feet, 50 feet on grid
Number of Turns: 11
Number of Straights: 6
Longest Straight: 2,000 feet
Elevation Change: 70 feet
Primary Run Direction: Counter-clockwise

Version 1.6 Release notes:
Completely revised turn radii based upon new google sat imagery. This is as close as this track is going to get without laser scanning.

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Meanwood Parks, this complex consists of two seperate tracks as deatailed below.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Eagle's Canyon is a fun track and thankfully Plick didn't replicate the deteriorating pavement.

I ran it a few years ago in my RX8 and in a 125 shifter and went back in June this year to watch a little of the IKF Nationals; Texas soil isn't kind to thin asphalt.

It would help to have a barrier between the parallel straights though, but thats not a complaint.

Three cheers to Plickbadger.
IMSA GTP on Sep-18-2011

Thanks for sharing PlickBadger.
Looks like the real deal, Just love the elevation difference.
Good job.
Jamie Bakker on Sep-18-2011

link donĀ“t work!!!
hallryu2 on Dec-21-2009

Great work, PlickBadger!

Drivers - if you like the track, fan it on Facebook
kevinjscott on Jul-06-2009

Until now I had never heard of Eagle Canyon's Raceway.Watched some laps of the track at You Tube. What a fun track this is race on.Thanks!
greenie on Apr-27-2009

Very nice work on these Texas tracks Plickbadger.


slider916 on Apr-26-2009

Plickbadger, need to get in touch with about making a track. Hit me up @, Thanks
HAR_RJ on Apr-20-2009

New track record just posted on the real track - 1.39.993.
sports.racer on Apr-13-2009

Hi this is a fun course to run nice layout. TYVVM Rogenator 5s frome me. HOF winner
Rogenater on Apr-12-2009

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