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East London Prince George Circuit 0.95

By: Blonder Hans
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 09-Jan-09
Current release: 0.950, on 09-Jan-09

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Screenie by: Blonder
Screenie by: Blonder

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

East London
South Africa
Prince George Cicuit
3.9km 2.436 miles
ca. 15MB

Dynamic shadows, all objects visible in mirror,
light at night, and...

If your FPS "im Keller", take the SCN - file
_LOW_EastLondon.scn an rename it.

It´s inside the EastLondon folder.
A _FPS_Killer_.txt file too.

Have fun.

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Hello, I want to ask for permission to convert this track to f1c game. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
JALNERVION on Sep-09-2011

As a South African it is a pleasure to drive this track. I am still waiting patiently for someone to create a Killarney as that would be my home track in Cape Town. I remember as a kid going there a few times to watch some races there. Were good times. Cheers and thanks for sharing.
Muis on Jun-09-2009

Its this Track Marrakech?
Jan-CRG on May-03-2009

Its this Track Marrakech?
Jan-CRG on May-03-2009

Which war are you refering to - this track was from 1953 - 1961.
In general when reference is made to pre-war, the inference is to WW2 1939-1945.

Originally posted by: TravisD

Very nice!

Pre-war tracks are crazy.......and we love them!

Lunsmann on Apr-16-2009

Very nice!

Pre-war tracks are crazy.......and we love them!
TravisD on Feb-17-2009

At dmkerry, if u havent already figured it out, use WinRar to extract the file. Works perfect for it! Its a free download if u havent got it.
Greg2410 on Feb-08-2009

Sorry to be dumb here but mine extracts as a .7z file which when it opens in Winzip opens as a add to file not one I ca extract. The file is full size as I have downloaded it a couple of times. I guess I am missing something real simple?
dmkerry on Feb-06-2009

Very nice indeed. Nice surprise. Only the turn at Cocabana is too steep. Its not such a steep bank. Only a slight banking. The in-field bit through esses is good. But other than that, good fun to drive. Hopefully we'll see Aldo Scribante and Killarney too!?
Greg2410 on Jan-29-2009

'Tis perfect - It's lovely seeing another SA circuit in rf. Blonder, you did such a great job with this circuit, how about doing Killarney circuit in Cape Town next?
bundyman on Jan-23-2009

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