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Eastern Creek Laser 1.01

By: Piddy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Jun-08
Current release: 1.010, on 04-Jun-08

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Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: JimC1702
Screenie by: Woffin
Screenie by: Woffin
Screenie by: Woffin
Screenie by: Woffin
Screenie by: Woffin
Screenie by: Woffin

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney Australia has been laser scanned.

Using a customised version of Bob's Track Builder the laser point cloud is used to lay a track and terrain down in order to make the most accurate track possible.

Thanks to :
- Neil Faichney (Krunch) - Trees, Texture work & good advice.
- Mike Cantwell (Mikec87) - Footbridge & Hinxman building.
- lasercutter - Food stand, toilet block, outhouses, marshal stands.
- Eric Tozer (ennisfargis) - Officials race tower.
- The Lonely / SLN - Power line towers & some textures.
- vorra44 - Start / Finish box & start lights.
- ISI - for the use of some models.
- Woffin - Cameras.
- Banger - AIW.
- Fernie Prieto - Grandstand.
- JFerrell - Video (to come).
... for all their assistance in getting this track race ready.

1.01 - fixes (thanks to Krunch & ennisfargis).
- DX7/8 problems.
- Starting Lights / Sounds not working.

Known Issues (to be fixed in 1.02):
- Timing Gates not covering all paths.
- Some ripple acting like grass, not concrete.
- Ground textures not as good as they should have been in DX7 & 8.

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any plans to incorporate the recent changes made to the track?
zac249 on Mar-17-2014

Not sure if it helps anyone, but I had a similar problem where I would get "Error loading texture 02 ECTOWER for material CMWL" and then "Error loading global material CMWL".
I fixed it by going into rF Config.exe and setting my shader level to DX9.
Jonseey on Nov-14-2013

This is one of the most accurate tracks I've seen. Any chance of updating it to include the 2012 extension/modifications?
David Paterson on Aug-17-2013

Very well done bringing this Western Sydney track to RFactor.
Anyone having problems downloading anything on Rfactorcentral you need this site!
To the builder of this track - do you have time to make the Eastern Creek International Go-Karting Track? It has 3 layouts as you most likely know. I think it would be amazing help for all that love racing karts at Eastern Creek. Also I went karting at Eastern Creek once and there was a pro karting race happening on the kart track so we had to race the hire karts on a shortened version of Eastern Creek Raceway. Might be nice to make also.
Leaves on Jul-03-2012

Me too. I deleted the files then reinstalled using the one click installer. Still won't load. It starts to and then stalls. If you then hit the enter key it bounces you out of rFactor. Any help gratefully received.
FalconMan on Apr-22-2012

Hi there
I downloaded the track but it will not load, several objects missing and files.
Can you please fix.
Thank you
Ozibimmer on Mar-20-2012

f*ck you guys this track is sh*t, running wide and rejoin suddenly i got overlap WTF
peyz on Jan-27-2012

I tried to download this awesome track and it canceled it every single time i tried it. Got any ideas?
Clubster234 on Jan-21-2012

Love this track, just wondering if there is any plan to update with all the upgrades going on at the track now?
Casper on Nov-01-2011

Nathan.Batham, the Chrysler is actually all about trash, the model was ripped from TDU and was screwed by Z-Modeler 2 due to some reason (3D's Max -> Z-Modeler will ruin the model all the way).
YashioFactory on Jul-14-2010

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