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Ebisu Land Drift / D1GP 1

By: Ebisu Land Drift / D1GP
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 10-Jan-11
Current release: 1, on 10-Jan-11

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Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San
Screenie by: Ryosuke-San

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Ebisu is a world composed of multiple track or drift is the supreme discipline, with very different level of competition as D1SL, Matsuri and the property on which the D1GP every year are more round on the famous track Minami Drift or after jump of the S stand just down the legendary wall along which the stands is feared by all even the best driver D1GP are terrors in their drift.Vous therefore also find her in this track Minami Race, Drift School Drift land, Kurukuru land.

In Ebisu D1GP and a way with the plot unique Ebisu Minami 2010.

Ebisu Circuit – Fukushima préfecture – Japon

Rysouke Fr

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Cannot download , The Link is Forbidden
Tafusa on Jan-15-2016

Really very bad !!
Jump is bad, not real and way texture
This track not recomended because not real ebisu
Real ebisu is ebisu minami circuit and school that very real.
Jun86 on Jan-12-2016

Hey Every Time i Download in This Website Im Always Get "The Link is Forbidden" WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS S*IT
firmansyahgaul82 on Jan-05-2016

TakumiFujiwara on Apr-26-2013

Links Up Again!
TakumiFuji01 on Sep-19-2012

Anybody still have this?!
TakumiFuji01 on Sep-02-2012

Up Again! Links Off
guigamx on Apr-04-2012

I always wanted to tackle this track, but never found enough data on it. Thank you very very much for taking the time and effort to make it, it must of been very difficult.
dmz on Jun-06-2011

You can download this track here: Drift.rar.html

wojteks102 on Feb-17-2011

This is one of the best drift tracks out there!
Bratt on Jan-16-2011

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