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Edmonton 1.20

By: zero-g
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 01-Dec-07
Current release: 1.200, on 07-Dec-08

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Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g
Screenie by: zero-g

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* * * Edmonton v1.2 for rFactor * * *

This is a conversion of my F1 Challenge Track.
After many requests by different people i finished
this track now. Have fun!

Thanks to Malvictis for the Track Loading Screen Set!

* v1.2 *
- Disabled Moveable Tires
- some new texures
- Lights at night

* v1.01 *
placed missing files in v1.0

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Please can you upload to medifire.. zeromusic is dead i think, this is my fav circuit.. Good job!! thanks on Jun-17-2012

thank you for the track. I raced and looking forward to trying the in rfactor. Any chance you will be working on the new track there? I would be happy to get you info if you need it.
DennisB on May-22-2012

Hey I'm currently in Edmonton, volunteering at the Honda Indy. I've been taking a few snapshots of the track area with my crackberry. I haven't been to the track in previous years, however I can provide some images and information of the track in case an update is in the workings. The paddock area, where you start off, is actually a roadway and grassy area where fans can enter at the gates. The true paddock is more towards the final chicane.

Anyways, in case an update to the track was planned, I'd be happy to take some shots of various areas to give a better idea of the circuit grounds. It's actually a pretty massive area and there are several buildings which back the front straightaway.

Cheers everyone!
cameron12345 on Jul-23-2010

how many pit stalls does this circuit have? We tried to run it in a league and after 24 cars we ran into a problem... any car that entered after that floated in the air...

Please e-mail me... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
sam.giltner29 on Jan-14-2009

This is not a criticism, and we appreciate all the work put into this however we had to cancell a league round yesterday as we had major problems with dq's in quali extra laps being added, vehicles out of position on formation lap(Pole relegated to position 15). When the race commenced vehicles were blending into each other and riding on top of one another. This was no good so the championship round was abandoned, posted for information only, your efforts are appreciated.Tim
tawmit on Dec-14-2008

Thanks for the track! I appreciate it, as I live about 5 minutes from it!
ScrafFD on Dec-08-2008

Thank you! Looking forward to trying this out.
TBolt on Dec-07-2008

Thanks for the 1.2 version. Just d/l it and will be racing in Edmonton soon.
richrosa on Dec-07-2008

Ridicul-O-us Section:
If you hit some tirewalls at full, you'll see some tyres jumping and jumping and juumping forever, like all honest Canadian tires must do. Some will frozen in air, too, but this is not truly canadian; this is a filthy martian oddity. Or Matrix. Or Max Paine like Tire Time.
To me: 8/10 : your track is OK, anyway. I only need some good laughs.
trecinni on Dec-07-2008

hey J.J.McClure looks like you are the f**l
you dont need to pay for this you dont need to get this
this guys doing it probably beside work and family so thanks to
all who are posting mods here and stop to complaing if you dont like it
track have a lot of bugs but maybe with good comments and reports
we can bring help him to work out a bug free version
Topper Harley on Dec-07-2008

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