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Ehra-Lessien, high speed track 1

By: Eric Y
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Nov-10
Current release: 1, on 06-Nov-10

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Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD
Screenie by: rvn39ndD

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In general interest of performing top speed runs, and some clamoring for this circuit in particular (at least a couple of years ago), I've decided to make a scratch version of the VW facility

Earlier in the year, I'd made a (very) crude version of the track with BTB Demo just to get the experience/atmosphere of the circuit, but I'd like to take that a step further and develop it so enthusiasts can have a chance to drive it as well.

Still doing research on the surroundings, trying to get photo/video data for reference and improving my BTB modeling skills. Hopefully I can have an improved beta uploaded and available soon.

On the actual circuit there are many over/underpasses with exits for the complex inside circuits, which would take an immense amount of time to get all of the variations together accurately. For now, I'll consider the "outer loop" if you will, but if someone has more experience with joining tracks, making bridges etc. it would be more than welcome to have the extra help.

Ultimately, it would be great to see the circuit in its entirety at some point, but one has to start from somewhere... Comments or suggestions welcome-feel free to post.

**Full release 1.00 update**

Finally, after a couple of months of getting things ready, testing, strategizing and retesting new ideas and practices, WIP no longer.

Try it out, give a shout if you've got comments or questions and I'll see what I can do...

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018
king001 on Sep-19-2018

The idea of putting this track in rfactor is excellent!
The details are good too!
However... just one more thing to improve...
Can it be wider??? I can see that the real one is a lot wider than this...
Since it is too narrow and I am using my insensitive joystick to do the driving, I end up in a crash every time I drive in this track...
So... a wider track please?? T.T
arthurcghc on Aug-06-2012

Google Maps added better quality pictures of the track you can see more details and I think i've seen a Veyron on the curve,+Allemagne&t=h&z=15

I think every racing games should had this track it's soo cool
172sp on Oct-10-2011

rfactor freezes when you try and load it
guitardude on May-02-2011

My fav track

Just made the trees less flat and change the road texture in a more real one
And add more objects like the blue sign every 100 m

Thank you very much for this addon
172sp on Apr-21-2011

any response rvn39ndD?
racer113 on Dec-02-2010

right ok, I managed to load the track. didn't change any settings, just waited alot longer. track runs smoothish. but perhaps the loading time is due to too many polygons or objects in the track. also more importantly, unless you drive in the middle lane, you run the risk of smashing into 'invisible walls' in the inner and outer lanes. can really destroy the car! lol. there are quite a few on the last banked curve towards the end of the lap. hope this helps.
racer113 on Nov-22-2010

Just tried out the DX7/16 bit config and it did run OK here. Maybe just wait a bit longer during that last part, it does take some time to unpack some 1000+ objects into the game. As long as it doesn't BSOD or system dump, then it probably is only a loading time issue. The next update may take care of some of that by using walls instead of guradrail objects, but I'll see 1st-hang in there...
rvn39ndD on Nov-20-2010

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