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Eifel Track 1.70

By: Soyseitan
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 11-Jan-09
Current release: 1.700, on 10-Nov-10

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Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan
Screenie by: Soyseitan

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General Info
This is a fictional track in the German Eifel. The location is around an aquaduct and in the surrounding forest. The track is setup to provide some great overtaking opportunities, combined with a couple of technical corners. Tracklength comes in at 9.6 km, laptimes are 3 minutes + even with f1 cars.
Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did creating this baby. Cheerz !

Just extract the gamedata directory from the zip into your rfactor folder.

**UPDATE 1.7** 10-11-2010
- optimised collsion meshes
- optimised track camera level of detail settings
- added some more level of detail settings for some meshes

**UPDATE 1.61** 05-11-2010
- some mipmapping tweaks
- (thanks to BillBro!) there's a fix for a skybox related CTD
- track camera's were gone in 1.6, fixed it again.

**UPDATE 1.6** 03-11-2010
- removed black border around trees
- added mipmapping to all the textures
- normal maps weren't working for most shaders, fixed them.

**UPDATE 1.5** 18-06-2009
- start/finish lines, road signs & grid lines were missing in 1.4
- some trees were clipping through the track & tribunes in 1.4
- new curb textures
- churches are less dark
- some fences were floating in the air
- updated grass textures&shader
- updated landscape texture
- working startlights
- updated cameras
- new AI

**UPDATE 1.4** 14-06-2009
- There were some missing plants/trees
- Put in a pond in sector1
- Redid the AI
- Tweaked the tunnellights
- Fence texture updated
- Aquaduct building just before start finish has been given a new UVmap and is re-textured
- shadow caster tweaks

Layoutchange : chicane section after tunnel 1 is gone.

**UPDATE 1.3** 07-06-2009
- fps tweaks
- tree placement tweaks
- curbs generate dust when you drive over them
- cameras updated
- reflective windows updated...they're less blue now
- distance markers added for some turns
- added road signs
- the landschape in sector 2, trainsection, was missing....fixed
- churches have a LOD now

**UPDATE 1.2** 01-06-2009
- fixed minor geometry glitches
- improved fps at my pc from 10 to 25 fps, so 150% more fps :D
- better working "medium/high/max detail" settings

**UPDATE 1.1** 27-05-2009
- fixed black walls in directx 9
- fixed floating bushes
- added lights in the tunnel
- improved the "godrays"

Eifel track version 1.0 - 26-05-2009

FPS issues
If you have fps issues, try the following :
- high or medium detail instead of max
- high or medium shadows instead of max

CTD issue
Some people with ati cards are reporting crashes to their desktops while loading this track. A possible fix for this is to turn down the texture detail from 'max' to 'high' (thanks Fendar!)

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help it wont work I go on it then it loads the track but on the part where you can race it just flickers and dosent load from there
mik0 hakinim on Nov-27-2010

First, I have to say this is a great course Bjorn ! It is one of my most favorites and I drive it quite a bit. Since you have done such a great job with it I want to mention a few small things that could be improved with it.

1) At about 1:30 into a lap (with a GT car) there is a tunnel and then a left-hand hairpin. There are some unmapped polygons on the outside of the course that are seen by the camera at the hairpin.

2) At about two minutes into the lap there is an exterior camera positioned rather high that shows a high speed train entering a tunnel. There are some odd shadows and black polys around the entrance of the tunnel.

3) Some of the high cameras need their clip plane distances extended just a bit to remove the visible transitions.

4) The last thing is the AI's driving line sometimes takes them rather wide and they drive through bushes. I have mentioned this before that I think the bushes should be moved out a bit but that's your decision. You might be able to tighten the line (corridors) through some of those sections. This is just my opinion of course. It may be of no concern to you.

As I said, this is a really great course Bjorn and think it could be improved just a bit if these little things are addressed. Thanks for your excellent work !
Vince Klortho on Nov-17-2010

The two 1.7 versions are causing some confusion, so I'll take the old link down as people are still downloading it. The newer 1.7 uploaded,
rister on Nov-11-2010

Thanks man Tonight I put version 1.7 online with optimised collision and camera level of detail settings ...really hope it gets people some extra fps on their machines
Soyseitan on Nov-10-2010

Thanx so much for this update...this track is becoming my favorite!It's a masterpiece of modding! Maybe needs a top quality PC to gain best results:-)
g25driver on Nov-10-2010

Hi...thanks man ! What do you mean 1.61 wasn't working? It should be working out of the box, without 1.5 already installed. Did you get an error?
Soyseitan on Nov-08-2010

Thank you Bjorn! You make absolute amazing tracks... Autobahn and this! I got 1.61 working, first I had some MAS problems but when I updated my 1.5 version with these new files, it runs
I hope to see someday these your masterpieces in other games too... GTR Evo would me blast.
Karski on Nov-08-2010

1.61 .... 1.7 is currently being tested and should actually run better, but it's still a beta untill further testing is done.
Soyseitan on Nov-08-2010

What version I should use/download??? Title says 1.61 should be latest but theres also 1.7 version. Confusing.
Karski on Nov-08-2010

this tracks one of my favs.. i get around 160-180 fps alone on the track with all maxxed graphic settings.. with more than 10 it starts gettin mad..
Hellchylde on Nov-07-2010

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