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Elaintarharata 1963 0.60

By: Sergio Loro
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: sergioloro
Screenie by: sergioloro
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Screenie by: sergioloro
Screenie by: sergioloro
Screenie by: sergioloro
Screenie by: sergioloro
Screenie by: sergioloro

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The old classic finish track it will be avaliable for rfactor, with many unique details, i hope people enjoy it.

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Realmente quisiera ver terminada la Targa Florio para el rfactor, que largo se hace cuando uno desea anro recorrer ese circuito y mi admiración y respeto a quienes son capaces de hacerlo. mis deseos de éxito y felicitaciones
jorge_rotunno on Jan-01-2011


Let's keep this thread about Eltsu. Send me a PM. Thanks.
saultenian on Oct-10-2009

sucubo on Oct-05-2009


Thank you for allowing Bud Lucas to recently convert your original Eltsu GPL track to rFactor. He did an amazing job, he has released both a modified and "pure" version. It has been a joy to have your Gem in rFactor.

All the best,

saultenian on Sep-18-2009

So 1st of may nerly done august not done?
Chrisuu01 on Jul-31-2009

i am still working on it, very close to be finished.
sergioloro on May-01-2009

Hi Sergio! Why didn´t you tell me that you are making Eltsu for rF too! Do you still have my photos or do you need some new ones? I´m ready to help you again anytime you need. I hope to meet you in Finland some day and I´ll take you around Eltsu and all around Helsinki:-)
Kanzo on Apr-21-2009

Originally posted by: CrippleHorse

Hi, great to see you here after all those GPL gems. I'm sure you're gonna get many "please do Targa Florio for rfactor" in the future, enjoy it ;-)

Targa Florio yes i wait it too, if somebody make´s that track to rFactor or GTR2 or GT Legends, i lift my hat to him .
Jarmok on Feb-02-2009


Still looking forward to your final release. Any update on the progress and final release date? Been caning it around my own BTB simplified version on my home PC, modeled by taking the track map from GPL and using your elevations (driving in GPL and then approximating the elevation changes in BTB). Still anticipating your final creation. Talk to you soon.

saultenian on Jan-29-2009

When Eläintarha is completed?
uuci on Jan-09-2009

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