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ElkhartLike 1

By: Neel Jani
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 25-Oct-07
Current release: 1, on 25-Oct-07

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Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: gundwane1978
Screenie by: gundwane1978
Screenie by: gundwane1978
Screenie by: gundwane1978
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot

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Rfactor Elkhart-Lake V1.0

Circuit original F1-2002 by SBDT
Conversion and update graphics for GTR2 & Rfactor by Neel Jani,

I converted my version of this circuit for GTR2 Rfactor worm,

Conversion detail;

- Optimizing GMT
- Added new object
- Optimization Directx 7 & 8

Thanks to Trefle for the beta test,


SBDT for models

ISI for Rfactor

Virtua_LM for Texture D'horizon

SimGarage 3DsimEd

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423/500 (770 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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This is the link to No Grip Racing dl link. It has version 2.0.
MAST3RMiNi on Oct-25-2012

Could anybody post a new link? Megaupload is dead, and Fileserve is a bit strange...
Mac Porteiro on Jan-21-2012

Thanks, V2 nicely improves the look and feel.
gemery on Oct-28-2011

thanks for the link of V2

central downloads need be updated
Crazy_John on Sep-21-2009

I just stumbled over v2.0 of this track on No Grip Racing ... d/l mirror
tubealot on Sep-04-2009

It´s Elkhart Lake not Like. Anyway the track is named Road America and it´s located at Elkhart Lake.
Satan Claus on Aug-02-2009

Yes mcfritt, the last corner is vrey hard! I, usually have to go to low 2nd gear or (almost) high 1st gear- and I'm on the grass about 60% of the time. at least I haven't had a crash like Katherine Legge a few years ago. Yet- It is sooo fun!!! :-)
F1wnb on Mar-22-2009

Excellent track! The only problem is that Champcars (eg CC2007) seem to have quite some problems with the last corner before start/finish. They often leave the track and spin around. :-(
mcfritt on Feb-15-2009

Very great job Neel
Better than others versions
koolpapy on Dec-14-2008

I love this track very much, it has a great flow and feel to it. Not to mention it is also bloody fast.
You should get this people! Its easy to learn, but hard to master.
fastbikkel on Sep-15-2008

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