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Estering Buxtehude 1

By: Danf
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Rallycross
Initial release: 28-Feb-09
Current release: 1, on 28-Feb-09

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Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF

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Home of German round of the European Rallycross Championship.

First staging a rallycross event in 1972, Estering is the oldest european championship venue.

Thanks to Madcowie for permission to use his trackside objects and 6e66o fo sky texture.

Created in Bobs track builder and 3DSimed, this layout is intended to resemble that of late 80's - early 90's, based on video footage.

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ich wusste ja schon dass es buxdehude gibt aber ne rennstrecke dort... echt lol
aslracing on Apr-10-2010

Hallo daslama07,

kann ich Dir auch mal privat schreiben ?
JoRö on Feb-08-2010

Ich möchte mich bei dir bedanken, dass du dir die Mühe gemacht hast, diesen Track zu modden. Ich komm gerade vom Estering; Volland hat in der Div 1a gewonnen !!! und das beim EM-Lauf; und dachte mir guckst du mal, ob der für irgendein Spiel existiert.
Ich wusste gott sei dank, dass du dran gearbeitet hast!!!! Dank dir kann ich nu auch so tun, als könnte ich fahren!!!
daslama07 on Aug-16-2009

Dear sir,

For a long time I've been following your works on rally-cross routes. They seem to me (all right/very good?) in general, but there are certain rather serious problems with altitude drops and route details. I have on-board camera records of all the ERC 2007-2008 routes. And I also attend every stage of Europe rally-cross and I am going to continue attending them this year. Maybe we could unite our forces and to make your rally-cross route works more realistic?

Sincerely yours, BAER studio
baertv on Mar-17-2009


Just looks like a track worth trying. Accuracy is (imho) not that important. Your Lousada en Eurocircuit tracks are nice to race. As for the Eurocircuit, I know it's not a look-a-like of those years, and I can know because I drove all the national races there in those group B wonder years. Not that I had the budget for such a car, but I sure know the track.
Janneman on Feb-20-2009

Track represents general layout of late 80's to early 90's, based on video footage, although layout is from Google earth.
DanF on Feb-18-2009

I see, i didn't want to be a pain in the ass, just wanted to help. as i see it's really the 80s version. the gravel part on the "gegengerade" is indeed shorter than today. I think in that picture, the main pit entrance is missing. but the things i mentioned in my previous post are still valid. that area of the track had minor modifications. the only difference is, that now there is thicker gravel than in the past and that in the past there were no tyre barriers. Here's a picture from 1979. In the 80s a Audi Quattro driver used the left banking on the höhengerade like a ground loop. after that they installed the tyre barriers.

The Estering Home Page has still a helicopter shot from the 80s-90s version, but i am sure dan-f already knew that.

It's quiet a nice overview of the track. you can see where the spectators are standing. must have been an ERC event. lots of spectators on that shot

Es gibt ja server, leider sind die meist leer .
fetzo on Feb-18-2009

Super Leute.

Sieht schon sehr vielversprechend aus.RESPEKT!!!!

Freu mich riesig.endlich die Strecke die den Ralycross hat aufleben lassen.Bin schon seit 1978 am Estering aktiver Zuschauer.Immer Riesenstimmung dort.
Hoffentlich begeistern sich dann hier endlich mal mehr Leute den Rallycross-mod auf den rFactorservern zu erstellen.

Danke schonmal im vorraus.
M.Jeß on Feb-17-2009


Track is for rallycros 1987-1991. For nowadays your right. In the fast things where different.
Janneman on Feb-17-2009

oh, i didn't recognize the hill. it looked rather flat to me. the left banking shouldn't be flat and there are no spectators allowed on the right. in the back of the picture, where the most spectators stand, all trees are behind the crowd. there is none in the spectator main area. anyway, i am looking forward to this .
fetzo on Feb-16-2009

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