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Estonia 21 1.10

By: Ville Sokk
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 25-Dec-10
Current release: 1.100, on 23-Jan-12

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Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984
Screenie by: jurik1984

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Version 1.1 has updated physics, some changes in the graphics, SRPL shaders and sounds from the Historic GT & Touring Cars BMW 2002 by wolferl.

Estonia 21 is an open wheeler built in Estonia. Inspired by the Lotus 79 ground effect car, it was the most successful and numerous Estonia (a total of 295 were built). The car utilized a spaceframe chassis and a Lada engine tuned to about 130hp. Two updated version were built, 21M and 21-10.

Thanks to
* Niels Heusinkveld for physics bits (especially for the tires and engine)
* Tony from the Grand Prix Classics team for the helmet
* 6e66o for the cubemap
* ISI for the sounds and pace car
* Lauri Tõnspoeg for providing information about the car
* K Szczech for the shaders
* wolferl for the sounds
* Everyone who has uploaded photos of the car to the web
* Kaido Almre for modifying many things (cameras, gen files etc)
* F1CEL league for testing
* Ville Sokk for everything else (models, textures, skins, physics etc)

Force feedback
It is advised to install the realfeel plugin for better force feedback.

Copyright notice
All content is copyright of their respective owners. Conversion or modification of the mod is allowed for all content by Ville Sokk under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 license. For everything else separate permission must be obtained from the authors.

Read the included readme for more information.

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This circuit is located on a military base polygon in Kicevo, Macedonia.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

It was Chayka. We have Borovaya, Rustavi, Neva ring, Sachsenring, Neman ring and Most also.
jurik1984 on Oct-07-2013

Very cool!! I just want to know the name of the tracks in the screenshot.. thanks for the work
Rodree5 on Sep-29-2013

There will be open championship by this mod. It will be from 2 may to 13 june. Read more -
jurik1984 on Apr-09-2013
jurik1984 on Nov-20-2012

Slobbeman, thanks!)
whammy777 on Oct-31-2012

Estonia 21 v 1.1
Slobbeman on Oct-31-2012

links do not work(
whammy777 on Oct-31-2012 this is video from future skinpack
jurik1984 on Apr-23-2012

I will prepare the historical skinpack and online championship soon. I also prepare new cars of Formual East - firstly Estonia-20 and 18.
jurik1984 on Apr-20-2012

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