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Eurocircuito de Lousada 1.10

By: DanF and Madcowie
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Rallycross
Initial release: 30-Mar-08
Current release: 1.100, on 17-Apr-08

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Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF

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Presenting the Eurocircuito de Lousada, host of the Portugese round of the European Rallycross Championship.

My first attempt at a track, so has a few limitations, such as paddock and start position are not particularly accurate and textures could be improved.

Generated using Bobs track builder and 3dSIMed.

Intended for use with Madcowies and Neil Bainbridge's mods, hence limited grid positions.

Thanks to Madcowie for most of the trackside objects, taken form existing rallycross tracks

V1.1 - Texture kindly reworked by 'Mr Rallycross' Madcowie, along with fixes to walls and improved dust effect.

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jokermoreira6995 on Oct-07-2015

I love the circuit. I'm from Lousada and I'm the time he could attend various events (European Rallicross, European Truck Racing, Autocross, Kartcross, Etc)
Nobody can do a "facelift" of the track?
Upgrade it a bit? This mod is great but could be better if they put the runway elevation below will first corner, followed by descent to the long right curve.
I leave here the most current videos rallycross with Taner Faust and Scoot Speed ??to do tests to Rallycross World championship 2014.
Here you can see some videos on youtube to have the idea

Thanks for the track, but if possible to improve what already excellent

filfire on Apr-26-2014

Adoro o circuito. Sou de Lousada e sou do tempo em que podia assistir a varias provas ( European Rallicross, European Truck Racing, Autocross, Kartcross, Etc)
Ninguém consegue fazer um "facelift" há pista?
Actualiza-la um pouco? Este MOD está excelente, mas podia ficar melhor se colocassem a elevação da pista a seguir á primeira curva, seguido da descida até á curva longa á direita.
Podem uns videos no youtube para terem a ideia.
Deixo aqui o mais actual de rallycross com o Taner Faust e Scoot Speed a fazerem testes para Mundial de Rallycross de 2014.

Obrigado pela pista, mas se possivel melhorem aquilo que já esta excelente

filfire on Apr-26-2014

Brutal este trabalho!
Boa a recriaçao da pista!!!
Continua assim
BrunoMiguelDaCostaSilva on Apr-05-2010

Bom trabalho
sawproductions on Jan-12-2010

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