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European Superkart Championship 2011 2

By: rfactorguy99
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Karts
Initial release: 19-Oct-11
Current release: 2, on 21-Oct-12

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Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99
Screenie by: rfactorguy99

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

I've recreated the official European Superkart Championship 2011 Season. I started to think about this mod when I saw the Superkarts on the TT-circuit in Assen. With stars like Gavin Bennett, John Riley, Emmanuel Vinuales and 42 others. Ask me everything you want to know.

Release date: October 19th

Thanks to SlimJim for giving me permission to use his mod for a base on mine.

Things in V1.0:

- All skins of 45 drivers
- New .cam file (with SmartyCam!)
- All helmets of 45 drivers. If you want the helmet from the selected driver, just copy from vehicles folder (..._1helmet) into gamedata/helmets. done!
- Talent (.rcd) files for all 45 drivers

This file overwrites most of the SKC Mod from SlimJim, so first back-up those files and then delete them. (deleting is very important!!!!)


- Magny-Cours new layout (i don't have link, sorry)
- Autodrom Most by Zdenek (Chicane version)
- TT-Circuit Assen (will be included in V2.0)

=============UPDATE COMING V2.0===============

October 19th, 2012 (exactly 1 year after 1.0 release), I will release V2.0. Incredibly much new things. Here is a list:

- New driver suits (for all 45 drivers)
- New helmets (about 30)
- Lots of new textures (realistic steering wheel, gear stick, frame and more)
- Improved talent files
- And most important: new sounds. Thanks a lot to SlimJim for giving me the permission to use his sounds from World Karing mod.

Also improved is the cockpit cam, which I think was placed too far away from the steering wheel.

Things that come with the download:

- Of course, the mod itself.
- The TT-Circuit with Gamma Racing Day sponsors (the day that the superkarts race on Assen)

I think that you don't need to delete files, because they will overwrite the old version, but if you want to be 100% sure, delete them.
Please ask permission first before using any parts, skins or whatsoever. I'll mostly give permission to edit.

I've now uploaded the file on mediafire, after trying to download it on filefactory, which took me half an hour. So now you can download it in a few minutes.

I now also uploaded a link for a very simple .DDS template. Link:!




Comments or tips in preferably Dutch or English.

======R.I.P Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli======

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dont think so
wharton mba
how often do dogs go in heat
cat clinic
huxygi on Nov-17-2016

More detail on external road (opposite the pub).
newstart027 on Oct-20-2016

rfactorguy99, many thanks for the mod
Gotlerghia on Dec-23-2012

Mediafire link doesn't work as of Nov 8 2012.
xyverz on Nov-08-2012

tigersfan on Jun-02-2012

Is the TT Assen track still available?
The link doesn't work anymore....
S1lv3rh4nd on Apr-04-2012

Are you sure of that?
The file actually lists 150HP @ 11500rpm but still, is that figure correct?
Just curious is all....
BLeeK on Feb-22-2012

Hi everybody, I'm making realistic physics with real datas (features and videos), in order to have real drivers training with this mod.
Real physics is a tribute to the discipline.
Mallo on Jan-30-2012

@ scholzm thanks!
rfactorguy99 on Jan-02-2012

Great Mod works really well
scholzm on Dec-23-2011

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