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Eurospeedway Lausitz Oval 1

By: Wulfinator
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 03-Sep-08
Current release: 1, on 03-Sep-08

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Screenie by: Wulfinator
Screenie by: Wulfinator
Screenie by: Wulfinator
Screenie by: Wulfinator
Screenie by: Wulfinator
Screenie by: Wulfinator

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Orginal Conversion by Com8

So ich Präsentiere den Eurospeedway Oval

Ich Wünsch euch allen Viel Spaß!

Einfach die Datein in den Locations Ordner Kopieren!

Ihr braucht den Orginalen Eurospeedway 1.30! von Com8!

Copy the fils in the Location Folder and Play :=)

You need the original Eurospeedway 1.30 by Com8!

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Track Layout
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Latest Eurospeedway Lausitz Oval Comments

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king001 on Sep-19-2018

Any progress of an update?
Smoerebroed on Apr-20-2009

Hey, great track but I have problems:

When I want to start a race with flying start, the cars running very slow on track and then the safety car is crashing fast in all of these cars, then it's running normal and the cars which are "alive" were following it in normal speed. So flying start doesn't work on your track, please fix it!
Lucifer Blackspeed on Mar-31-2009

You have to have the full EuroSpeedway track installed before you install this oval:
wvu_sam on Feb-28-2009

I can't get this track to load. It asks for the Eurospeedwaymap.mas which I can't find in the download. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
bjohnsonsmith on Feb-27-2009

Anything new on this track? Any progress fixing the bumps?
wvu_sam on Jan-23-2009

I'm wokring for the Fixes! Little more Time
Wulfinator on Oct-06-2008

the short oval wing was only used, because on the europe-turn (including brands hatch) there was allowed only one wing setup to reduce costs! On the first race 2001 (remember Alex Zarnardi) there was used Speedway-setup
Dr.JFK on Sep-08-2008

Wulfinator, you get those bugs fixed and I guarantee this track will get used in our league in it's upcoming season. Can't wait to see the fixes!
wvu_sam on Sep-05-2008

Wulfinator, Thank you for making this track available.

I must agree about the bumps entering and exiting turn 1. I first used an Indy setup the is very quick and when I would cross the bump entering turn 1, just as I would turn in, the car would be thrown in the air and slide sideways into the wall. The bump on exit is not quite as bad but still not very good.

Also in turn 3 and and some other places on the track if you get to the right side of the white line the road camber falls away to the wall.

I then looked at and realized that they used the short oval wing package and did the same. I could then complete the lap but my car was still thrown around allot.

In 2003 one of the "all time great" CART races happened there and I would love to have this track updated so we can include it into our league schedule.

Thanks again Wulf
nanders on Sep-05-2008

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