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F-Sum 3

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 11-Nov-06
Current release: 3, on 09-Apr-07

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC

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F-Sum the Third

This is a significant update.



If you are looking for realistic formula car handling, please do no try just the cars in the
'easy' section. Be sure to try the 'expert' cars. The handling characteristics of different
cars is very dramatic




F-Sum's public release is like any other mod at first; just unpack it and go.

However, for those who want it, there is a lot more configurability
available than just that.

A GUI program is now included to facilitate basic mod customization operations.
Since F-Sum is quite configurable and has an automated build, and our league changes
details almost every week, ranging from skins to ballast to engine designs, we
wanted to make it easy for anyone to sync up to the most recent version,
update, and configure options.

Some GUI options are several 2D and 3D tire choices, procedural skin
resolution, public or league carsets, and an engine design dyno.

The choice available expand when one goes into the configuration spreadsheets.
See the README for details.


The f-sum-gp physics have been refined in many ways since our league
has switched to them and run a whole season on them. Tires, suspension,
aero, etc, have all changed at least a little. The overall feel is
the same, but the balance between choices is better fit to our league.


There are now several carshapes in addition to the one borrowed from FIS.
One of which is derived from an rF1GP carshape with permisson from and
thanks to afborro.

The tires and wheels are new, with several options available.

The public skins are provided by bmwracer42.


There are some new sound choices, although mostly just more ISI derived


All updated.


The classes are the same, but the focus has shifted to f-sum-gp, available
under 'gp'. All the other classes are now under 'option' including the
oval cars. This is to try to focus browsing people to try the sweetest spot
of the mod first, which we consider to be the gp class.

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i got a hit on my anti virus, is there something we should be aware about this mod ???
c4viper1 on Dec-14-2010

Great mod! Thanks for your efforts. How do i get the Benetton B195 skin? Thanks.
tomdringer on Feb-04-2010

JDEP on Jul-08-2009

Try the Grid Motorsports mod. It is a (much) newer version of this mod, and is actively developed by the Grid Motorsports league. As for the sounds, some engines use ISI sounds, so if you did an rFactor lite install and did not install those sounds, you won't hear them.
orangutan on Sep-17-2008

this mod is freaking GREAT!!! the only problem I can see is on the 700+hp cars under "option", there are no sounds. how can I fix this? I LOVE the GP cars, though! fan-freaking-tastic job with this mod!

hachikid on Sep-06-2008

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