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F.Armaroli 1

By: Formula Armaroli
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 03-Apr-10
Current release: 1, on 03-Apr-10

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Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
Screenie by: Willy26
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Screenie by: cartman78

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Reiza Studios and Armaroli Simulators are happy to bring you the Formula Armaroli add-on for rFactor.

The car´s concept is inspired by the classic turbo era of Grand Prix racing. Weighing 540kg and powered by a 650 HP turbo engine, the Formula Armaroli provides a thrilling driving experience, challenging both the novice and expert virtual racer alike to to try explore its limits.


The Formula Armaroli is an add-on for ISI´s rFactor. You will need to have a valid copy of rFactor in your computer to use it.

Run the installer and point it to the folder of your rFactor installation when prompted.

Controller Setup

Though rFactor and the Formula Armaroli can be played using other types of game controllers, a steering wheel with pedals is the best and only proper option to handle the car.

If you are using a steering wheel with pedals, it is recommended that the settings in-game for steering, throttle, braking and clutch sensitivity are at 50%, while the speed sensitivity ratio should be kept at 0%

The default steering lock is adjusted to wheels with around 270 degrees of rotation. If however the user has a wheel with adjustable rotation, a setting ranging from 360 degrees to a maximum of 540 degrees of rotation is recommended for more precise control, with steering lock being then adjusted within a range of 18 up to 22 degrees in the setup menu - it is also recommended for the user to adjust the in-game graphical representation of the steering wheel rotation range setting in rFactor´s controller.ini to match his controller setting (270 degrees being the default value).

The use of the RealFeel FFB plugin is also strongly recommended, with the suggested settings below (settings are found in the realfeelplugin.ini in the rFactor root folder):

[Formula Armaroli]
The vehicle upgrade menu features 2 different FFB options, for either realfeel or non-realfeel users.

There are also 3 gear shifting options available for paddles (beginner), sequential (intermediate) and gated shifting (hardcore).

Cockpit gauges

The player can select between analog and digital cockpit gauges from the vehicle ugprade menu.

Special thanks to:

Armaroli Simulators


Cooler Master
Goodyear Racing

Formula Armaroli development team:

Renato Simioni
Alexander Borro
Niels Heusinkveld
Jeff Newman

Other Reiza Studios members and/or contributors:

Fernando Oliveira Jr.
Alex Sawczuk
Luc Van Camp
Alec Moody
Murilo Zimmer
Marcelo Pereira
Luigi Campastri

Additional thanks to:

Marcelo Armaroli
Gjon Camaj
Chris Hoyle
Chris Neira
Justin Ziarko
Frank Alexandre
Rodrigo Carvalho
Luciano Armaroli

All brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

(c) 2009-2010 Reiza Studios Ltda.
All Rights Reserved.

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bueno yo simplemente junte todos skin (RepackSkinv2 By Pelukas con instalador personalizado .
gracias Reiza y gracias a todos que hicieron los skin en los Creditos estais escritos.

dowload Formula armaroliv2 By Pelukas
RepackSkin By Pelukas
Pelukas on Apr-24-2016

I have any problem with safety car. Always appear another F.Armaroli car (usually the first in alphabetical order of teams folder) How can I put another safety car more realistic?
hansel22 on Dec-09-2010

This is supposed to be the best open wheel mod for Rfactor.

How come it is possible to shift using the stick without using the clutch in all 3 available gearshift options (beginner middle and advanced. The advanced option even advises you to switch off the auto lift and auto blip in th .plr file)

Yet even after all that you can still shift identical without using the clutch or blipping the throttle on downshifts (heel&toe) or whatever.
gold333 on Nov-30-2010

same problem here! i would like to try this beasts in oval circuits, but 312 km/h top speed and engine about to blow... it´s impossible. Can someone please make engine/gears ini file for that? I would, but i´m useless in this kind of stuff!
Megatron on Nov-23-2010

Any templates for Paint Shop Pro? I can't afford to shell out $600 bucks for photoshop.
UnclePeJay on Oct-20-2010

I have the same problem. As it seems a matching gers.ini is required. I tried to set the original gears to fit the Honda Engine from the update but was unable to get anything together that would really work well. Does anybody have a solution?
dh_vetmed on Oct-13-2010

Oh, and i forgot: here's the data just in case:

Honda RA167E engine:

max. power - 1010bhp @ 12400rpm
max. torque - 664nm @ 9600rpm
idle rpm raised to 2300-2700rpm
xpid on Sep-23-2010

After i installed the Honda RA167E engine mod, there is one single problem: After i tested it on Avus, the engine acceleration is at it's highest, and therefore it can't go past sixth gear at 211 MPH, giving a feeling that the engine might blow prematurely. If anybody has any idea on how to add the seventh gear, please let me know
xpid on Sep-23-2010

I downloaded the mod from the Official Site, but I only have 1 car skin/team seen in the spinner.
Are the other cars going t obe released soon or did I use the wrong download link?
BlackPandaRacing on Sep-21-2010

Originally posted by: mauro

this mod is the mclaren 1988.

It looks like the McLaren Honda MP4/4, but it isn't
xpid on Sep-21-2010

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