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F1 1955 Addon 1.20

By: Team Players and Alvaro Hernandez

F1 1955 Addon 1.20

By: Alvaro Hernandez and Team Players and ed76

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Team Players
Screenie by: Team Players

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V1.2 - All is new like the skins. Please look at the "Read ME" file, it`s very important. Thanks to ed76, who give me some ideas for the cars.

Enjoy the fun and: Keep Racing!I have drived a complete F1 1955 Season of rFactor and the I think: "Why is only the Mercedes selected. And then I had painted the Mercedes in a Ferrari but then I think: "Why I don`t make all Teams of this Season?" And here it is! All Teams+private Teams with the new Sounds by Wolfer!

New Sounds:

And the normal Mod for F1 1955. You MUST download him!

You see, my English is bad, I`m german! :D

Have fun

It`s my first Addon (Mod) please rate easy-

PS: Teams like the Cooper are not originally painted! I haven`t find colored pictures or originaly and i have them painted so that I think, it`s ok!

PSS: Bad english! :p

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Latest F1 1955 Addon Comments

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great site thanks article
looneyhans on Feb-08-2021

this game so lit man. love this so much fence company
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

I can't get the setting to save? I do everything just like in RF1 but soon as I leave server, come back in and everything is back on the screen.
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newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

I can't get the map working. ALL other functions are working just not the map.
I have the tracks in - rFactor 2>Plugins>Trackmap>Tracks.
Can anyone help.?
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

This is very nice what you're making ed, but the Problem is, my PC is completely down. And in 5 Weeks he is repeaired. I'll give you now my E-Mail but I can it upload in 5 Weeks ok?
AlvaroHernandez on May-29-2014

I also did a carset for this mod, some cars and details are good.
Can you give me an email address, I'll give you a download link
If you want to complete or improve your update:

They are also 15 updated AIW for 1955 F1 Mod :
Oulton , Rouen , Torino , Snetterton , Monaco , Zandvort , Aintree ...etc

and new sounds for the differents cars
ed76 on May-28-2014

Thanks mate! Was looking for something like this for quite a time. Not bad at all!
Keep going like this.

rfactorguy99 on May-28-2014

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