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F1 1995 rFactor Legend 1

By: Patrick34 and quickslick
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Patrick34
Screenie by: Patrick34

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The F1 1995 OR beta mod is finally released.

GP4 Mod - Fongu, Tony, Nick Ovey, Celio, Kerley, Bernd, Neoliot, Öggo
Conversion - Patrick34
Helps for conversion - Mr.Ferrari,F1Clasick members,Nobleninja98
Physics - Valture,Bastoner97
Sounds - Felipe Giro,F1 SR
Sterring Wheels - CTDP from F1 Challenge
Driver Suits - F1 SR
Movie - Ayrton01CZ
Support - F1Clasick,Formula 1 Onboard Racing Collection,Only-Racing

Thanks to all these guys to make the mod possible.

If you rFactor is crashing in menu,please delete F1_1995ORBETA.bik in rFm folder.

!!!!!!!!RFE Weather plugin needed!!!!!

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It crashes when load the track. Please fix for the overall release !!!
Also add upgrades and skins for the mod..
patrick2610 on Mar-12-2016

Yeah, I agree it's wrong to re-distribute other people's creations.
TomPlayzYT on Mar-01-2016

As Salaam Alaikum everybody It's still crashing even if i delete the .BIK file in the rFm folder. What i gotta do now?
mcshahini on Jun-10-2015

Fredo- you cannot copy someone else's work for a scratch project of your own. That's very not cool.
xerocoul on Mar-08-2015

Hi! Works okay! Why not copy as much as you can from the 1994mod that works superb!? 1995 is really not that different from 1994 only the skins are different and the grip.
fredo elfredo on Feb-28-2015

When this mod starts it crashes, can you help me?
gp96 on Feb-20-2015

The wheels are wrong - they look awful. Can you fix?
Androoos on Feb-07-2015

It crashes for me, when i try to load a map. Need help guys :-)
Knuspyxx on Jan-27-2015

The problem isn't with tires themselves, but with tires texture.
Mondodimotori on Dec-09-2014

If you have a problem with the tire, you just need to download RFE
maxi120 on Dec-03-2014

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