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F1 1997 WCP 1.10

By: WCP and Watchy
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 01-May-09
Current release: 1.100, on 12-May-09

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Screenie by: marcos93
Screenie by: marcos93
Screenie by: marcos93
Screenie by: marcos93
Screenie by: marcos93
Screenie by: marcos93
Screenie by: tompster
Screenie by: tompster
Screenie by: PHILIPPUS
Screenie by: PHILIPPUS

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

22 cars,
1 Champion, just one...
Williams Battle, Ferrari Battle !! We Will Fight !!

Hello Everyone !
We are back...This time we are 100 % legal.

-Integration ingame by Tom Speed and Marneus
-Improved quality by Marneus
-Sounds by Wolferl
-Originals 3D Models and Textures by Watchy
-Textures of Helmets and Physics by Alain Fry
-Talent files by Marco Dakic and Hina
-Helmets 3D and Mapped by IDT

V1.0 Include:
*All Teams*
*All Drivers*
*All Tyres*
*All Rims*
*Skins No tabbaco*
*Sounds Package*
*Realistic Engines*
*Realistic Gearbox*
*Realistic Behaviors*
*Realistic Damages*
*Support DX7,DX8 and DX9 Support*

V1.1 will include:
*FFB Fixed*
*New Physics (Not league)*
*New 3D Arms*
*Tires reworked*
*Some New Helmets*
*New cams*
*Position of helmets*
*Sounds reworked (break)*
*Quality improved*
*New showroom*
*Install 375Mo*

V1.2 will include:
*Safety Car of 1997*
*Arms moveable in Upgrades*
*Suspension Jordan COCKPIT CAM*
*New Default Setup*
*More FPS*
*Skins New helmets*
*New damages*
*New showroom*
*New tires*
*Talent Files*
*Install less than 500Mo uploaded on 3mirrors*
*And more*

Thanks to Watchy and Friends for his superb mod for F1C.
Thanks to Marneus to joinded our group at the beginning.
Thanks to Hina and Marco Dakic for Talents.
Thanks to Fisico to help us about High Polys.
Thanks to LegoTP for his driver suits and arms.
Thanks to COSM1 for his help.
Thanks to Kenobi for the preview.
Thanks to rFactor Central.

NOW RELEASED V1.1 on!! in the week

Fastest Server download on (6 mirrors)

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