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F1 2001 RMG 0.70

Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Raphi2
Screenie by: Raphi2
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Screenie by: Raphi2
Screenie by: Raphi2

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Formula 1 2001 Season. Includes all drivers and teams of the Formula 1 2001 season.
This Mod is complete SELF Made. Nothing is converted from F1 Challenge anymore.

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Hey I'd like to play this mod. Project is still alive?
wido on Jun-02-2011

Hello any news about the MOD.
Verry intresting
sjonnie on Mar-02-2011

Clone on Jan-30-2011

please tell us some news!
Arakin on Aug-23-2010

any new news???
shu@k on Feb-10-2010

Date Released ?=)
TES? on Jan-16-2010

look at this link for news
Raphi2 on Jan-11-2010

There some changes in the mod now, but it isnt canceled Shapes are not from F1 Challenge. We're doing it by ourself now. Mod will come out
Raphi2 on Jan-11-2010

awful 99 mod?, u shitting me?, its sensational, has some room for improvement but they all do! was looking forward to this 01 mod, saw vid on youtube, was getting excited!
F1Aussie on Jan-11-2010

What license? That's nonsense as there isn't any. Or else WCP wouldn't be able to release their awful 99 F1 mod. Same game it's taken from.
Bjorn on Jan-10-2010

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