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F1 2006 CTDP 1.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 06-Dec-08
Current release: 1.100, on 06-Apr-09

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Screenie by: GeraArg
Screenie by: GeraArg
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Screenie by: matrix1791
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Screenie by: matrix1791
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Screenie by: jaypot
Screenie by: jaypot
Screenie by: jaypot

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The last year of the champion.
His last chance ... for glory.
He didn't succeed
Will you?

F1-season 2006 meets rFactor. Good things need time. We took this time to bring you the most complete season-package ever released. Again it's time to put on your racing gloves, lucky sneakers and to get out there racing. But it's not only about the driving skills you will need to succeed. Now, you will also need stratigic and technical skills to win the race. Use clever updates to you car to improve your performance and finetune your setups. Be prepared for your race.

Use your chances, fight for the championship, it may be your last chance!

* 2006 high detail models and high resolution textures
* All special liveries throughout the season
* Both Midland and Spyker included
* Technical season upgrades for every grand prix
* Open and closed brakes (with glow)
* 2006 helmets and driver (individual talent files for AI)
* 2006 steering wheels, all redone and new
* 2006 physics and performance (upgrades influence handling)
* 2006 tyres and rims with motion blur
* Up to 9 tyre variants per track (very soft to very hard)
* Non-linear tyregrip and tyre damages through debris
* 6 Engine programms
* Realistic wear of motor and brake
* Realistic suspension model simulation (Single-keel, Twin-keel, No-keel, V-Keel)
* Setup-Package
* Menu-Sounds and Music by Lars J. Brouwer
* Full DX7, DX8 and DX9- Support
* Supports rFactor-Skinning-Feature (now with helmets and driversuit)
* Support for RealFeel
* TV-Style-Overlays for Dinix' Plugin
* Configuration Tool

Changelog v1.1 see links!

Dedicated Server Edition comes without models, textures and sounds and is for dedicated rF-Multiplayer-Server. If you are using the DSE 1.0, you need do uninstall it before installing version 1.1

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018

i like your feed, such a great topic you have shared
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jiuer7845 on Aug-22-2018

chenjinbei on Aug-10-2018
WWWEWW on Jun-01-2018

Well this is a late reply but any link other than the pro membership and the torrent is down. The pro membership one requires me to pay and the torrent has no seeds.
xXxMartin96xXx on Feb-10-2017

A link for moving arms?
timothepillet01170 on Apr-15-2015

Amazing mod, only problem I'm having is that the Toyota team do not do anything. During testing, practice, qualifying and warmup they just sit in the garage and don't do a lap. Then when it's time to race they just sit on the grid and cause a big crash taking out 9-12 drivers. So, besides that, no problems
JZ3Racing on Jan-20-2014

Never mind, got it working after I used 7zip to extract. The fact that I'm using a new PC might have helped as well.
Awesome mod!
SirDunny on Dec-18-2013

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F1 2006 CTDP