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F1 2010 RPMT 0.20

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit
Screenie by: Jermainesmit

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

F1 2010 RPMT

Onboard Sutil TEST look. painting is bad just for the demo

Jermaine and Dutch_can

Modder head:

Special thnx to P-A aka Marneus

Shape Progress:

Scuderia Ferrari f10 (bahrain) --- 98%
(Monaco) --- 95%
Lotus (spain) --- 15%
Redbull RB6 (spain --- 20%
Hispania F110 Spain --- 30%
Mclaren --- 10%
Force india (spain) --- 40%

Mapping Progress:

At the moment working hard on getting the ferrari shape better in a higher qual. With this it did not make the spain version but the Monaco version. Spain might follow up also do.

Also working with less effert then the ferrari on other cars. Because hacing a basic done for some is good. But the head modding is at the moment for the ferrari shape. Witch is starting to come togehter.
Aldo the plate needs allot of work.

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Latest F1 2010 RPMT Comments

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It's such a shame that people abandon these mods....
Rage9one on Jul-25-2013

I think this mod is dead now
nh racing on May-23-2011

Dudes any news. You have got to get a move on with this mod ( just saying ) coz 2011 season starts this month
and RPMT hasnt even got a 2010 mod out or even a beta. :s I really want this mod to be complete but with the
pace you have been working on this mod its a bit slow. I know a mod takes time to make but spped up a bit.
Release a 1 or 2 car beta to keep us happy for now or people will forget about this mod and then when you release it
it will be pointless. Im just trying to help so take my words of wizdom into concideration ok !
from nigel
nh racing on Mar-03-2011

Coul pass this option to make the f150
Jermainesmit on Jan-28-2011

Not mutch news only got furder with the lotus

Here some renders for does who like to see
Jermainesmit on Jan-27-2011

All i have for news right now is that i am furder with the Lotus.
here are 2 renders for does who wanne see.
Jermainesmit on Jan-27-2011

news ??
nh racing on Jan-20-2011

Well not mutch news.

Just a model update foto of the dif alone. Not smoothed

News will follow when i have some
Jermainesmit on Jan-15-2011

Any news ??
nh racing on Jan-10-2011

Mclaren Renders:

Note front wing not smoothed!

Rpmt is joining a other group. that is why
Jermainesmit on Dec-20-2010

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