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F1 2010 WCP 1.10

By: WCP series and and Friends
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 09-Nov-10
Current release: 1.100, on 09-Nov-10

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Screenie by: fil91
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Screenie by: jannachda
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Screenie by: jannachda
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F1 2010 by WCP series for rFactor


The 2010 Formula One season is the 61st Formula One season. The technical and sporting regulations applicable for this season have been the subject of much debate. The reigning Driver’s Champion, Jenson Button, has joined McLaren, and the reigning Constructor’s Champions, Brawn GP, have been bought by Mercedes-Benz and renamed Mercedes GP. The season has seen the return of the most successful driver in the sport with Michael Schumacher coming out of retirement after a three-year absence. The season’s first race was held on March 14 in Bahrain.


• HD 2010 Models
• HD 2010 Skins (ALL)
• 2010 physics and performance
• 2010 tires and rims with motion blur
• 2010 grid (No test drivers)
• Realistic AI behavior + Talent Pack
• Real Compounds used track per track
• Realistic 2010 engines|aero|tires
• Dynamic Suspension movements
• Dynamic Tires Change Ingame (prime to option) – Visual + Physical
• Drivable exclusive new 2010 SC (No cockpit)
• Showroom’s Soundtrack by Gringo
• Full DX7-DX8-DX9 Support
• Full skinning support (car|helmet|driver suit|t-cam)
• 5 Level Of Details for the model for best FPS
• Realistic Cameras Views
• High Detailed Setup Possibilities


1. Download the file
2. Open it and follow the instructions (make sure you chose your rFactor folder)
3. Start your rFactor and enjoy

Host the mod on a server(WIP):

We also made a Dedicated Server version of the mod, then you don’t have 1GB to upload on your server. It doesn’t contain any models/textures/sounds and it works exactly like if it was the FULL version.

Size 728 Mb+249Mb
Version 1.1
Initial release 9:00PM 6 November 2010
Latest release 12:00AM 7 November 2010

The WCP crew is proud to wish you a good experience of racing with F1 2010 by WCP series ! Thanks to each of you who took the time to wait for this mod and who always trusted in us.

For more informations, please keep visiting us at:

(c) 2008-2010 WCP series
All Rights Reserved.

/////////////A V2 OF THE MOD IS PLANNED/////////////////////
More infos soon...

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Latest F1 2010 WCP Comments

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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018
king001 on Sep-19-2018

Good Moding,but Problem with race i tried play with 24,22 ai's blocks loading!
Help me I don't know what im do.
KubaPL123 on Dec-05-2012

what is the 700 meg download?
Downloaded the file here 240 meg but will not run and does not show in list of mods?
what have I missed?
whitmore on Dec-29-2011

Yeah, overall this is a reasonably decent mod but the sounds are terrible and the handling model is not very accurate.
bigsilverhotdog on Nov-09-2011

What's the problem with these sounds??? WCP team you must do something about this!! the mod is actually (imo) good, despite some comments on too much grip and so, but overall is a good mod. even historically people notice you've done hard work... but plz do something about the sound! It's the biggest reason i can think of to not play this.
anilhas on Nov-07-2011

this is definitely the worst mod I´ve ever heard. the car sounds like it has three different engines ! not playable for me...
Pet66 on Jul-31-2011

LOL guys 1.2 is a patch Install 1.0 then 1.1 Then 1.2 runing 1.2 on my server and all is good and working ........learn to rfactor
sarge288 on Jul-15-2011

I can confirm the minimalist installation. Only a vehicles folder was installed, nothing else. Not even vehicle physics was installed, just all the team bitmaps and some .mas files. Considering all the negative comments so far and my own experience with it, this mod - as it were - is a let-down. Looking forward to version 2.0.
Treetop64 on Jul-08-2011

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