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F1 OWC 2010 1

By: Nucleorion and drezt
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 15-Mar-10
Current release: 1, on 15-Mar-10

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Screenie by: drezt
Screenie by: drezt
Screenie by: drezt
Screenie by: drezt
Screenie by: drezt
Screenie by: drezt
Screenie by: francy619
Screenie by: francy619
Screenie by: necky16
Screenie by: necky16

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This Mod stays entirely the spirit of simulator rFactor. It is based on the OW Challenge Race Series 2006 which incorporates the full version of rFactor, and realistic physics have not been spoofed. A dozen laps later, if you're taking it easy, start to enjoy all the realism that rFactor got in 2007, but with the rules, teams, drivers and benefits for 2010.

They have been updated with all rules and regulations according to the essential physical Formula 1 in 2010, weight of cars, capacity of reservoirs, RPM, Power, Pit Stops, tire wear, etc.. Except: closed park tire change after qualifying for the first 10 (Omitted for failing to begin the race with wheels used)

Textures of car and tires by Drezt according to the 2010 season.

Improved behavior and calibration of AI.
Adjusting the ability of pilots to realistic racing against AI.
Check the. Gdb circuit back to find out which stop your partner AI.

The online games will appear in the column as Race Series: OW Challenge 2010.
Keep updated by running the Mod F1-2010-OWC-Updater.html stay in your folder where you installed rFactor or across the shortcut: Start Menu => Programs.

This Mod was developed in conjunction with F1-2010-RecoTrackPack (F1-2010-RTP)

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Horrible mod xD
AgustinF1Factor on Dec-20-2012

Thanks to all for yours comments, I very happy for giveus my work. Do you any texturizer cars for the 2011 season?
Nucleorion on Feb-12-2011

How do I get those TV graphics on my screen?
Bas1411 on Jan-18-2011

i have a version 1255 and full version but they say it is lite so download which one?
leeballz on Nov-08-2010

Here is Pre-Alpha Version
of the 1994 mod from RGR Team
1994 LE
Nel5on on Aug-14-2010

oh my bad! I found the F1 OWC 2010 in the profile. Sorry, noob here!
gabobito on Aug-13-2010

Hi! just downloaded the mod for rfactor lite, but I can't see the F1 2010 cars? All I see are the BMW sauber F1 and the other open wheel series? Do I need to unlock the F1 2010 cars?
gabobito on Aug-13-2010

I think it's a great mod. Really, it's better to make it not too big instead of sth that weighs 600 MBs. That includes no fancy cockpits or paint jobs or helmets or whatnots.
I wanted to ask if it is possible to use setups for various other F1 mods with OWC 2010?
Zireael on Jul-29-2010

Originally posted by: Jaredwg

on season it says need a vehicle-download


plz help


I got the same problem did you find a solution?
Or does anybody know?
michel26 on Jul-28-2010

on season it says need a vehicle-download
plz help
Jaredwg on Jul-08-2010

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