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F1 Season 1998 2

By: GPTeam and CTDP
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 07-Feb-11
Current release: 2, on 10-Jun-11

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Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: hinatahyuuga
Screenie by: hinatahyuuga
Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: RAINIERI
Screenie by: RAINIERI

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****Formula 1 1998 Season by GPTeam & CTDP****

Our blog on Facebook (For all question and news):!/pages/GPTeam/111025505603311

GPTeam are working for this mod from September 2009.
Basic mod by CTDP and for this thanks for the permission!

Versione 1.0 Includes:
*All 11 Teams*
*All 23 Drivers*
*1 Special Driver*
*4 Special Cars*
"All Special livery*
*Realistic Damages*
*All realistic cockpit*
*Mirror visible on cockpit*
*3D Arms ON/OFF*
*All 16 Tracks of Season 1998 (Old Monza/Nurburgring and Argentina)*
*All Upgrade of the Cars*
*All Realistic Physics*
*New Sterring Wheels for all cars*

Versione 1.1 Includes:
*Autocalibrate AI
*New Sauber wheels, in middle season configuration (Enkei front, Speedline rear)
*New steering Wheel on Stewart cars, with redesigned display
*Corrected some little grafical troubles on Jordan
*Added GPTeam logo in menu
*New LCD on the Prost's cockpit
*New TCams
*Update Physics
*New Base setup

Versione 1.2 Includes:
*Update steering Wheel on Stewart cars
*Update Physics (diffuser value)
*New Physics of tyre
*Update rfm for championship offline (start and end season)

Versione 2.0 Includes:

*Includes all previous patch*
*New sospensions and hdv*
*Update some tdf's track*

***YOU MUST INSTALL 1.0-1.1 AND AFTER 1.2***


Basic 3D:CTDP
CEO: Giuseppe Rainieri
Conversion on game,structure of mod,menĂ¹,Screen Loading:Giuseppe Rainieri
3D Sterring Wheels: Brenno and giacc_71
Skins Helmets,Driver suit,Cockpit's Texture,Special Livery and other things:gufo_tave
Physics: Giuseppe Rainieri
3D Cockpit:gufo_tave
AIW of Trackpack:Giuseppe Rainieri
Texture Trackpack:Edoardo Bottin
TV Cameras of Trackpack: Patrickramirez (Community of and GTevo (only Buenos Aires)
Texture of some steering wheel and Assistent of the project:Rot Teufel

Thanks too:

Helmet&Driver Model: IDT
3D Arms: Alex Borro (CTDP 2006)
Sounds: Wolferl
Texture Tyres:Dry Tyres by Lee71 (Community GP4) & Intermediate and Wet Tyres By WCP
Basic Menu:FSONE

Trackpack Property
Australia GP4 by Frank Alexandre
Interlagos GP4 by Frank Alexandre & 6e66o
Argentina F1Challenge by CTDP - GPTeam's Conversion for rFactor
Montecarlo 88 by Carrera.4
Montreal GP4 by TTTTT
Magny-Cours GP4 by TTTTT
Silverstone by ISI
A1Ring by Genhis99, Thunderchild, DutchDevil
Hockenheim 99 by Damon
Hungaroring GP4 by TTTTT
Monza 1998 by GPTeam
Lussemburgo F1Challenge by Zwiss's Conversion - GPTeam's Conversion for rFactor
Suzuka GP4 by TTTTT

Community Rating

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427/500 (1814 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
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Realistic Damage
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Kayla298 on Oct-31-2017

The arena facilities, capacity management, music from Charly Coombes during.
John53 on Oct-06-2017

Is there also a Single Player Edition or just the Server one?
Marcinator31 on Jun-23-2016

Hello! Can someone please upload the Trackpack 2.0 to some normal site like ? All other links for the Track pack don't work for me.
nebulous8967 on Dec-24-2015

New link for the mod!HYoGUYLb!T-gqcX1nv_7tH2iWMe8_LDFiWPkufbsC3w2GUxQU1C8.

TamTamNanton on Dec-17-2013

I have an issue with the texture for the Goodyear's on this mod. The textures are not correct and look messed up. Could anyone help? Thanks
SkilledF1Racer on Oct-17-2013

all links are just crap.
frbooth on Oct-07-2013

TheCrazyRacer on Aug-15-2013

Racegroof is O.K...But...WTF IS WRONG WITH BENETTON CARS? The Wheels not placed at the right place. Please Fix.
TheCrazyRacer on Aug-15-2013

Track pack picture
Track pack V 2
Slobbeman on Aug-12-2013

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