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F1 TOTAL MOD Radical SR8 2011 SP2 2

By: Jion Boina and MaxRufus
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 06-Oct-11
Current release: 2, on 06-Oct-11

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Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina

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News of the MOD:

- Chicho-cyl Great job with the car Skin.

- Physical recalibrated by the two real drivers to calibrate the Radical SR8 previous physical. It is now possible real driving without any assistance, hair has been shortened braking distances and has become a little more nervous the rear.

- It has a unique gearbox.

- It has regulated the temperature of the engine, shortening the margin of opening up the radiator and the speed with which the engine warms up. Let no one worry about the heaters, the radiator is Capable of maintaining a nearly constant temperature.

- Redesign the car halving the file. More for a better flow of the MOD.

- New Showroom F1 Total.

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Battlefield of master is created by Rocana for Rfactor.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

Just to confirm that dropping circuit detail to Medium does help.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016


I'd like to get permission to convert the Mod to GSC2013. I would like to get the ok for this as getting permission is the right thing.
Im happy to upload if you ok.


dirk808 on Mar-25-2014

Please some one share Season file i canĀ“t create one, i play always the same circuit :-(
manddrakke on Aug-06-2013

This has gotta be the best cars at the Nordschleife. Seeing I can't remember the track. So many corners come-up as a suprise, the SR8 handles it with more ease than it really should.
I've also spent plently of time at Easter Creek where I've driven plenty of laps but only in an SR3's. Love the realism. Keep up the great work.

rFactor + Nordschleife + SR8 = Mega-Fun.
oz227 on Dec-20-2012

Please, where can i download Radical SR8 template?
mariolejandro on Dec-19-2012

had problems installing the mod. I extracted the rar into the gamedata/vehicles folder but absolutely nothing happened. please help!
zac249 on Aug-22-2012

Love this car mod; but three points let it down; Cockpit view.ashboard.: Default settings. Once I finally got the car set up right (whatever track) the car is then great fun to drive and quick. On default settings i was 4,5or 6 seconds off the pace of the ai's, after much back and forth to the garage, I am now up with the ai's.
Thanks for a really nice mod, generally.
arniesan on Jul-14-2012

The dashboard is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Check out iRacings' Radical and you'll see what I mean. There's is gorgeous.
I hope you fix it.
x2611 on Jun-26-2012

All four links are broken. please fix them
Sasuke024 on Jan-24-2012

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