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F1 Telemetry 1.22

By: BrunoB

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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F1 Telemetry is free telemetry software by BrunoB that can be integrated with rFactor. Refer to the RSC thread in the Related area below for instructions and to download the extra layouts created by PeterV.

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links dont work!!!
oscarfuente98 on May-02-2018

Installation guide:
Kumczor on Oct-09-2012

thanks man its works perfect!!!!
JJAvenzo on Jun-12-2012

and i have another one :
how i could have the telemetry button on the mods that misses telemetry
camarillo64 on Nov-15-2010

please help me to understand why some mods have the TELEMETRY BUTTON and some not??
camarillo64 on Nov-15-2010

russia wasn't communist. if you think it was, you are agreeing with Stalin, not the communists whom he killed. Finding yourself in agreement with Stalin over anything should make you pause to consider.
the_last_name_left on Jul-05-2010

exodus, me too . . . has anyone got the tire temp. telemetry to work with this?
monsieurflea on Jul-05-2010

I'm also still searching for working layout files for the tyre section maybe anyone can help ??
exodus78 on Feb-27-2010

Ive installed it a few times but it wont work. Where do i put it and what does the F1 telemetry look like in game
Rockett_man on Dec-26-2009

You are very lucky.
Moha on Jul-02-2009

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