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F1RFT 2011 Final 1

By: sompir
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 20-Dec-11
Current release: 1, on 20-Dec-11

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Screenie by: Silver BENZ
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F1RFT 2011 rFactor modifications DRS and KERS include

>>>>>>> PUBLIC: 2011. 12. 20. <<<<<<<

by sompir (maglódi Imre)

physics: Szabados Lajos, Walter Attila, Maglódi Imre

DRS-KERS plugin: Szabados Lajos, Zachár Mihály

Helmet modell and graphics: DaiMOn, sompir

mod, graphics, sound: sompir


Before you install F1RFT 2011 Final, you have to remove the "BETA". In the Multi- and the Singleplayer modification works the DRS-KERS plugin. But to use the rFactor with more than 20 players/AI you have to do some changes
(!note: The plugin works only with the online activated original executable. With the dvd version and the 4.8 MB crack doesn't work):

Windows 7/Vista x64 (64bit):
You have to change rFactor.exe (2 210 305 B) to an updated version. After F1RFT 2011 Final's installation there will be in the F1RFTdata folder.

Windows 7/Vista x86 (32Bit):
According to the 64 bit version of OS. But to work on the 32 bit system some additional steps required: you have to extend the 2 GB limit: Start menu\Programs\Accessories\Command Line (CMD) have to be runned as administrator and then have to be typed the next command:

bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

After a restart the rFactor will work correctly with larger grids

Windows XP:
On Windows XP no changes required. The original rFactor.exe should stay.

The mod includes templates for cars (F1RFTData/template)


Update:- Sauber, Ferrari, Williams and every TEAM.mas change. Singleplayer's and Multiplayer's HDV and damage.ini tune. AutoShift fix
- Spa Francorchamps, Melbourne, Barcelona, New Delphi, Budapest and the Shanghai tracks' AIW fix included in the package.

You have to install F1RFT 2011 UPDATE to the dedicated server too. We hope the freezing will be disappear. On the dedicated server you have to remove from the rFactor ROOT the d3d9.dll and from the Plugins folder the „F1RFT.dll” and the rFDynHUD.dll”. On Windows XP Service Pack 3 is required.

Have fun with the F1RFT 2011! sompir

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download link for 2011 2.0 doesnt work
Cop2007 on Feb-15-2016

2011 track pack
Slobbeman on Feb-21-2015

I have problems downloading this. Every time i try i get failed error then my anti virus kicks in saying the file is corrupted Any ideas how i can bypass this? Im on Vista.
fastezza on Feb-21-2015

I'm trying to use the showroom.mas with another mod (Enduracers), but it is not displaying correcty. No floor, pits/grandstand etc...

I think it would look great and be suited for the LM/GT cars.

Any ideas?
Lastlap on Jun-29-2013

As some people said, the physics of this mod are really ugly.

Just look at the front tyres when going in a curve - LOL

Go and get F1RS2011...
DoktorRotax on Nov-24-2012

F1 2011 KERS AND DRS ACTIVE TUTORIAL no need use voltage the key you set in rfdynhud you also must set in key settings in rfactor

take a look on modders site how set up drs and kers
Slobbeman on Nov-10-2012

Great mod (as all from ealry RFT series) but, ouch, I can not install the kers & the DRS :-(. Is there any tutorial IN ENGLISH?.

I found several in utube but only in spanish, russian or portuguise. There should be an good English installation manual. Thanks anyways for the great mod.
LOL server on Nov-09-2012

Please! Remove the stupid limitation of KERS/DRS which only works with original rfactor.exe!

I patched my original executable to allow 4Gb RAM using and I'm forced to use the original that only allows 2 GB! That's the why the game crashes!
JorgeAbujamra on Nov-09-2012

I love this mod, great job!! (nod and a tip of the hat).. only thing i need is a good server to run on, every time i find a server running this mod there is downloads i have to do- i am tired of that i would like to race not spend my time downloading- I understand the need for the diff tracks, but would like to find servers that dont download every track one after another just to have it. racing alone sux! but i will keep looking!! again great job on the mod!!
mkizz4263 on Nov-08-2012

Hi I installed this mod and it made my 3 screen setup stop working. I did not like this so I removed it however I cannot use rFactor with 3 screens anymore. Anyone know why this may be happening?

Thanks in advance

Rookie25 on Oct-03-2012

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