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F1Seven-1975 0.20

By: C.R.E.W.
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Andreh
Screenie by: Andreh
Screenie by: Moduser25
Screenie by: Moduser25

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Lauda, Fittipaldi, Reutemann, Scheckter, Ferrari, Tyrrell, Shadow... 1975 Formula 1 season is coming for rFactor. All cars with its different specs and physics, drivers, tracks, including non-championship races, and drivers will be present, but only at the races they really attended.

The team is highly motivated to recreate the season as much historically accurate as possible. Stay tuned!

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Latest F1Seven-1975 Comments

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Can you post the link of F1 1975 again It doesn't work
argesacher on Sep-05-2010

galganus12 thanks for that. also the one on calluster racing is great
SRW1969 on Apr-11-2010

RTC Masters 75
galganus12 on Jan-13-2010

There is a 75 mod with the physics different than RTC Masters 75 mod.The guy who made the physics says they are better than RTC Masters.You can find it on Calluster.
galganus12 on Jan-13-2010

SRW1969, if you 'google' RTC Masters for rFactor you will find the website which will refer you to filefront where it states that the file is no longer available!

There are 2 files required,i.e.
F1 RTC Masters 1975 &
F1 RTC Masters 1975 fix

Could anyone who has this mod, upload these 2 files to say megaupload?


Much appreciated!
robrace on Jan-13-2010

Kartracer any idea where i can get the RTC Masters Mod your on about please??? as this mod looks dead
SRW1969 on Jan-07-2010

Who knows if this will ever see the daylight, It's been over a year with NO progress?
To bad too it's the only one alot of us are interested in...
he162a on Dec-24-2009

Hello there, I wondered if you could be able to inform me about this 'other F1 1975 mod', from 1973 till about 1978 are (in my opinion) the golden years of the sport and any Rfactor mod of around the 70's time in any forms of motor sport has got my interest,

Thanks for your time

Mad_Harry on Dec-23-2009

First, Thank you very much for your hard work. It is very hard to release a mod. But...
there has been a 1975 mod out for some time. It was called RTC Masters. And it was superb. I do not mean to insult but the physics in the latest F1seven mod are apauling! Being a self proclaimed P-34 fanatic I feel the the physics of that car have been butchered... for some reason I must have a 30:70 brake ratio to prevent the fronts from locking up. Again, I mean no insults, I just wish to voice my opinion. And the car dances around the track like a top. Please do not take my coments the wrong way, I only wish for this mod to be the best it can be.
kartracer76 on Dec-07-2009

Very heavy on FPS and car models load up slowly in the spinner, even with a new PC rig...
BONG on Oct-29-2009

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