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F2 2009 Championship 1.01

By: simcompany
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 15-Mar-10
Current release: 1.010, on 09-Apr-10

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Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: zacnafein
Screenie by: zacnafein
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: zacnafein
Screenie by: zacnafein
Screenie by: zacnafein
Screenie by: zacnafein

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Formula 2
2009 Season

All cars and Drivers.

3D Model: Sompir
Textures: Emerico and Clayman
Sounds: Emerico
Physics: Ingy and Emerico

Test pilots: Julien Gerbi

v1.0 release date: 01 04 2010

This isn't offline mod, this created is a legue edition, so in mod isn't talent files, all cars and drivers same.

We didn't calibrate the AI, some tracks the AI is very slow.

Warning! In this mod are 27 cars, so you need minimum 14 box for the racing.
The pitgroups:
Pit 1 - #2 - Sebastian Hohenthal
Pit 1 - #3 - Jolyon Palmer
Pit 2 - #4 - Julien Jousse
Pit 2 - #5 - Alex Brundle
Pit 3 - #6 - Armaan Ebrahim
Pit 3 - #7 - Henry Surtees
Pit 4 - #8 - Tobies Hegewald
Pit 4 - #9 - Pietro Gandolfi
Pit 5 - #10 - Nicola de Marco
Pit 5 - #11 - Jack Clarke
Pit 6 - #12 - Robert Wickens
Pit 6 - #14 - Mirko Bortolotti
Pit 7 - #15 - Mikhail Aleshin
Pit 7 - #16 - Edoardo Piscopo
Pit 8 - #17 - Carlos Iaconelli
Pit 8 - #18 - Natacha Gachnang
Pit 9 - #20 - Jens Höing
Pit 9 - #21 - Kazim Vasiliauskas
Pit 10 - #22 - Andy Soucek
Pit 10 - #23 - Henri Karjalainen
Pit 11 - #24 - Tom Gladdis
Pit 11 - #25 - Milos Pavlovic
Pit 12 - #27 - German Sanchez
Pit 12 - #31 - Jason Moore
Pit 13 - #33 - Philipp Eng
Pit 13 - #38 - Tristan Vautier
Pit 14 - #44 - Ollie Hancock

F2 2009 Trackpack

01 04 2010 -> v1.0
Repair list:
- mirror problems
- text errors
- suspension problem, online
- engine curve problem
- texture errors (too shine)
- DX7 - DX8 problems
- TV Cam error
- racing wheel hud
- tire models
- cams on car
- boost function

The boost is ready.
Onboard setups
1 = off
2 = on
Warning! Don't use the boost more than 5-6 sec/lap.

If you have any problem with rFactor after F2 uninstall please unzip this to rFactor map

09 04 2010 -> v1.01
Repair list:
Suspension problems fix

Community Rating

Overall rating since initial release  
423/500 (2393 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
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Realistic Damage
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someone dl link just for the supension fix 1.01 ?
MPaC on Sep-29-2012

I download this mod to simulate what would happen if Henry hadn't died

I was greatly saddened by his death. He was a cute and nice guy.

Only 18, it's too young to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F1AddictRussia on Aug-06-2011

RIP Henry Surtees
caspervdluijt on Jul-26-2011

Great mod with great everything! Thank You so much for good job, wonderful job
etienne_ on Aug-27-2010

when i download it, i install it to my game data vehicles, and when i play it, it comes up with a grey car with the word "temp" on the side of the car, why and how can i make it work? btw, can u install mods into the BMW sauber special edition of rfactor?
modman on Aug-27-2010

Very nice mod though im still playing with the FFB to get a good feel. Any recommendations on Real Feel and Leo's settings?

I observed that tire temps cant heat up and stay around 60C. Is this normal or some problem with the readings? Testing it on British GP.

Krazyrider on Jul-08-2010

why is it impossible to download this mod? I tried every link and either its a pay site or no connection or they say im already downloading. Is there a working site because i like to try it? Thanks

Finally downloaded it
Krazyrider on Jul-03-2010

Thank you Ingy for replying. I did try shift+seatposition but nothing seems to work. It looks like one mirror faces down & the other faces out to far. No amount of adjusting will fix it. I thought it was a flaw in the mod. So nobody else has this problem? Just me?
Rowsdower on Jun-30-2010

Rowsdower: shift+seatposition change u can set the mirror as u like
Ingy on Jun-30-2010

I really love this Mod but it is difficult to race without seeing what is behind you. Does anyone know of a way to fix the mirrors in this? If that were fixed this would be one of the best open wheel mod in rfactor.
Rowsdower on Jun-29-2010

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