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F3 Euro 2007 1.10

By: and Lo^
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 16-Dec-07
Current release: 1.100, on 13-Jan-08

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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Lo^ and the are happy to deliver the F3 Euro 2007 mod for rFactor.

The first aim of this mod is to provide a tool to create simulation championships.

The mod contain the 2005 and 2007 season of F3 Euroseries.
The physics of the mod are completely new and redone with the data of real F3 engineers an Tom Dillmann informations.
The aim of the mod is to have the more precise behavior of a F3 2007 behind you wheel.

With participation of pilots and other modding teams we propose to discover this part of mechanical sport on the best possible realist conditions.

The work on the 2007 helmets and suit is not finished. To not block the release of the mod, we decide to out the mod and complete the mod later with a graphical patch.

For more details see the included Readme (see the link on this page)
You find in it the details on participants, work and FFB/RealFeel recommended parameters.

New sounds will be available since end of January.

Patch 1.1 Updates :
- 2007 Tom Dillmann's helmet added (made by Wardog)

- Little improvement in aero balance ( ratio lift/drag) (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex)

- Rev limit raised to 6500 rpm (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex with informations from Tom Dillmann)

- Brake engine decreased and downshift curve improved to reduce rear lock at downshift (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex with informations from Tom Dillmann)

- Brakes updated (equal at front and rear) (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex)

- More importance to have low ride height (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex)

- Front/Rear weight repartition added (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex with informations from Tom Dillmann)

- Hand brake added for starts (made by VIDOT.J and Fuelex with informations from Tom Dillmann)

- Helmet upgrade reworked, now, 2007 cars have GP2 helmet shape only

- Updated private skins

- New introduction video (made by Migreg)

- Numbering of steps to parameter you FBB correctly (step 1 to 5 if you want to mix with RealFeel

- Update in the ReadMe FFB part for Realfeel/LeoFFB (pure and mixed)

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download it now,look cool mod,thank you for your work.
dvittael on Mar-07-2014


I have a question.

Im playing the formula 3 2007 and 2009 euroseries mod.

Im looking for a paint of the new 2012 champion Juncadella.

He had a car that was sponsored bij Astana and was in white, blue en black colors.

Can someone help me not a painter!!

Greets Koen
dbr659 on Oct-22-2012

yeah, apreciated the great work on this mod, but honestly it has huge issues with the car traction. Forget about that bullshit of hardware precision and stuff, no F3 car loses grip in the turn at the 3rd or 4th gear as the mason35 there mentioned, btw if he realy is a real F3 driver he knows what he's talking about!!! This mod needs some simulation improvements, that's all I know. on Jul-04-2009

Really mongoose, telling a F3 Driver what hardware or that he doesnt understand the basics of throttle control?

This mod has terrible slip curves, low speed grip is non existent.
Husky42 on Jun-03-2009

to pridgy and mason35, I found the cars in this mod are quite easy to drive and didn't have any problems with the back wheels loosing traction.

I think the reason you are loosing traction is probably because you haven't had enough experience in rfactor driving without traction control, or the pedals or controller you use doesnt have a sensitive enough throttle.

the physics is designed so the back will spin out if you apply too much throttle. I respect the fact that you (mason35) drive f3 cars in real life, but it may take some time to adjust to the virtual controller you are using. Now if you have the best steering wheel /pedals available (i.e. logitech G25) and you are still spinning out despite driving f3 cars in real life, i have no idea what's gone wrong.
Mongoose135 on May-14-2009

I have the same problem as Mason35....The back end keeps spinning out, so I always have to treat the dry conditions as wet by short shifting to stop the car from spinning out...Could someone please help???
pridgy on Apr-24-2009

Forgot to mention that contained in the files is a VERY well made readme which has helpful information on setting up your hardware. Well worth the read.

Should win an award for the best made readme EVER! :-)
GrimDad on Mar-27-2009

Our team have been hosting a league using these cars. Great fun to drive with the right setup. This mods learning curve probably puts people off but it really rewards the driver who sticks with them.

Thanks guys

Stop by our server Mason and see if you can get some help.
GrimDad on Mar-27-2009

Hey guys, The F3 mod is good but is there any way of putting traction control or something on? I race F3 cars in real life, so I try to use this sim as a test bed, but the car has so little rear end grip, and more precisely traction, that its nearly impossible to relate to real life. I can say its near impossible to spin the tires in an F3 car once you are out of second gear, so whats up with this mod? If you could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks
Mason35 on Mar-26-2009

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