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F3 Euroseries 2007 1

Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 25-Aug-07
Current release: 1, on 25-Aug-07

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Screenie by: ADMVONK
Screenie by: ADMVONK
Screenie by: 07spanky07
Screenie by: 07spanky07
Screenie by: 07spanky07
Screenie by: 07spanky07
Screenie by: wegger
Screenie by: wegger
Screenie by: R32SIX
Screenie by: R32SIX

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F3Euro 2007 is an extension from the rf3 original mod, including F3 2007 skins, talent files etc.

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Latest F3 Euroseries 2007 Comments

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The mod works well, right after being installed. Using a ->full<- official installation of rFactor. The mod works fine.

For those having problems, it seems you need to add rf3 mod and separate sound files (which are downloadable from this site apparently).
Thorned on Nov-28-2010

where can I download the original rF3 series. There is no download link on the ISI rFactor site?
brycevr on Oct-29-2010

I agree with Sir Wheelie 100% , this sound issue is blite on the sim society. Shame on you!!!
James Dean on Oct-22-2010

Please to F3 Euro Series Update from Norisring 2009 (The only half-wing)

Thank you

Here a Picture

Jan-CRG on Jun-30-2009

This is only an "issue" with anyone using the rFactor "lite" it comes with zero ISI sounds. If you go to the rFactor Lite page here, you'll find a link containing all of the original sounds. Problem solved.

When the mod came out, there was no Lite version in existence, so there was no need to include sounds with what was really just an extension of something that already was in the game.
ucfquattroguy on Mar-01-2009

Even when you download the original Rf3 from ISI it only has car sound. Apparently sombody must've been upset of the designer "Lo" must've taken his ball and went hom cuz you cannot download a fully working version of this mod anywhere. Try it i did with zero success. But what really bugs me is that ISI are supposed to be good quality not incomplete. I wonder this issue with the missing sound files has only started since late last year. I wish you luck in the Never Ending quest to find a complete Rf3 Euro download. I give up, time to move on.
sir wheeley banton on Mar-01-2009

You must have the ISI rF3 cars/sounds installed first.
ucfquattroguy on Feb-22-2009

doesnt work to me......
airton53 on Feb-22-2009

I have no cars showing either.
Plebite on Jan-17-2009

Originally posted by: stoepsel

hey its a realy nice mod but there is no engine sound how can i solve this problem have u got any engine sounds for f3 euroseries 2007 thx

Azander on Nov-18-2008

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F3 Euroseries 2007