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FFB menu 0.72

By: XXX Team and Game_FR , Yoss

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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FFB menus included in rFactor

Game_fr - Version 0.723 – June 09th, 2007

. F1.JeanPhi alias Game_FR ( XXXTeam )
. Yoss (Apex-modding)
. version blue to HRC by Pain-less

. Will
. Lebarronrouge
. Arnaud
. Super_Efix (Ligue GPF1 Racing OnLine)


. Version 0.8xx - WIP

- Utility to choose your interface and your garage!

- Added 'edit grid' command from qualifying offline.

- Added chat commands from the main menu.

- Added chat commands from 10 to 12.

- Recall commands hidden rFactor, Spotter, Telemetry, Realfeel.

- Various changes in the menu on the gearbox and tires in the garage.


. Version 0.723 - 09/06/2007

- Addition of the orders of purchase of the vehicles and the modifications in online

- Addition of the temperatures of oil and water of the engine in the garage

- Recall of the Upgrade installed in the garage, not of possibilities of making a change on this level!

- It will not have other versions as long as ISI does not release a new rFactor, for FFB menu part, there are no other commands available (as far as i know) , therefore if you find news ones, please let me know.

. Version 0.719 - 12/05/2007

- 3 full screen showroom Menus added in ' customize':

- 1) basic

- 2) with a black bottom

- 3) and a customisable one.

- Integration of the essential settings in the free practices and races (weekend) ' control'.

- menus Optimizations, makes it possible to gain until 5s in the loading!

- 4 free practices available in race, which were already available in the preceding versions.

- commands Recall CTRL F & CTRL R in the steeringwheel settings menu.

- estimated top speed Recall in the gearbox adjustments part.

- Added chat commands from 7 to 9.

- Removal of the side bars on the menus, with possibility of being able to have them by removing the files Static_Overlay0000.TGA & Static_Overlay_Monitor0000.TGA in Game_Fr.MAS file (not to remove the .MAS file!).

- special Menus for 3 leagues (PilotesOnLine - RésoTM - GPF1 Racing OnLine) - not included in the patch.

- And still the menus for Frank#55's (HRC) & NFR's (ETCC 2003) mods.

- having no permission for ctdp team, i cannot deliver the CTDP05 & CTDP05 SE menus to you.

. Version 0.715 - 14/04/2007

- New front page.

- menus for ETCC2003 (TEAM NFR) and HRC (Frank#55) mods updated with their kind authorizations.

- Modifications of Replays: laptimes, speed, driverchange etc.

- Repositioning of the Replays on the menus.

- display of the menu to confirm that you leave the session, reviewed.

- Possibility of adding credits of the circuits on this page ('nametrack'credits.tga) in track dependent. Width_Height=(300,200).

Known bugs:

. none as far as i know ! (39659 lines for info)

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