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Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 18-Jan-12
Current release: 2, on 06-Mar-12

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Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP
Screenie by: JDEP

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- Road Course Series
- Oval Track Series
- New Firestone FireHawk Ribbed Tires (Road Course Series)
- New Firestone FireHawk Slicks (Oval Track Series)
- New 325 HP Engine
- New 7 Speed Transmission
- New Sounds
- New Game Interface
- Re-tuned Suspension
- 23 Skins
- and more......



- New Tread Pattern for Firestone FireHawk Ribbed Tires (Road Course Series)
- New Firestone Indy 500 Slicks (Oval Track Series)
- Improved Sounds (removed the backfire rumbling when decelerating)
- A number of Graphic Enhancements in the Cockpit
- Multiple LCD Font Colors to choose from
...and More

* Still A Very Special Thanks Given to Valdibs11 for the use of his rF3 Paint Skins

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Something in the installer broke setup with xUI (HD UI) and rFactor main menu is not loading.
Uninstalling the mod fixes this, I have not checked yet what might be the cause of this.
kazereal on Mar-27-2015

Just downloaded the mod and nice to drive, good response and reacts well to the gas pedal. Great job and keep it up.

FFB issue - I read some comments here and i experienced the same problem. Im using realfeel 0.938 and cant feel any tension or resistance around corners. After checking the realfeel console, I noticed that the max forces where around 400, which is too low compared to the F3 euro by Lo. Will do more testing and update this.
Krazyrider on Mar-25-2012

Hi werst59,

v1.0 is not needed for v2.0 to work/run.
Although I used many of v1.0's files, skins etc to compile v2.0, Version 2.0 you say "a complete Standalone Version of the Mod".

The reason v2.0 is about 19MB smaller is I chose to compile the .mas files differently to reduce the size

Thanx for bringing that all up.
It's good to have it clarified for any others who may be wondering.


JDEP on Mar-09-2012

Is v2.0 a complete standalone version of the mod or do I need v1.0 too? I noticed the download for v2.0 is approx. 19 MB smaller than the download for v1.0 thus my question. Thank You for a reply.
werst59 on Mar-08-2012

Originally posted by: PirxThePilot

I'm sorry, but I don't see any download links for v2.0. Am I missing something?

My apologies PirxThePilot...I guess putting up a couple of DL links would have been wise when I updated the version. Sorry about that.
JDEP on Mar-06-2012

I'm sorry, but I don't see any download links for v2.0. Am I missing something?
PirxThePilot on Mar-06-2012

This mod is almost perfect in every way except for FFB. I find the FFB non existant at low speed and miniscule at high speed. That said, I do use Realfeel and leos plugin. I will download your interface fix and see how that goes.

Aside from FFB, the AI respond the best out of all the mods ive tried and are very challenging. Everything else about this mod is excellent quality.
squeeekmo on Feb-05-2012

steevewa on Jan-29-2012


A Link to Download the Car and Helmet Templates has been added.

JDEP on Jan-29-2012

Hello and congratulations for your work on this mod.
Is is possible to find the template for this mod in order to make additional skins in preparation for a championship.

Thank you in advance.
steevewa on Jan-29-2012

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