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FVR V8 2004 V8 Supercars Series 1

By: V8Skinner and Blastermatt

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Screenie by: V8Skinner
Screenie by: V8Skinner

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A Skin Pack representing the whole 2004 V8 Supercars Series for the FVR Factor 2011 mod.

Please let me tell the story behind this Skin Pack and its features.

The first version of this Skin Pack was done by me in 2010, and it wasn't very well done. You may have noticed that the V8 Supercars Series in 2005, 2006 and 2007 had a consistent grid, you begin the season with 31 cars and you have 31 cars at the end, with every driver racing in every race, unless someone wrote their car off.
In 2004 it was nothing like that: There were drivers who tried to qualify in some races, failing miserably (nowadays, it would just be intolerable) the #14 was used by many teams in many races. This gave me headaches in 2010, when there was no Skin Switcher, and because of this, some skins I did showed an awful attention to details.
So the Skin Pack was messy, but now it has been restored, the skins are better and with the Skin Switcher the whole 2004 V8 Supercars season is aesthetically simulated as much as possible. Honestly, The liveries didn't change a lot in that year.

There is also a new car previously unreleased by FVRFactor: the Ford AU Falcon, driven in 2004 by Walden in some rounds. This car was made by FlashQLD years ago (2008 or 2009 I think). It was a quick version of the real car and it was not released since it was not great, so don't expect anything perfect: the back looks nice, but the front is just liveable. But I wanted to use that car anyway, since I believe that people love the old seasons of the V8 Supercars, so I had all the files from FVR, and with the help of Blastermatt, the car was easily a runner.

I have included all the cars, and that's why you have a massive 35 cars grid. Thexton's car never qualified to any race in 2004 so it shouldn't be included, but I had it and didn't want to delete it, so the AI never loads it but you can choose it and race with it. I also included the #43 Holden, which in theory only ran in some rounds by different drivers and teams, and the #24 AU Ford Falcon.

It requires the 2011 V8 Supercars FVR Mod and the 2001 Fujitsu V8 Supercars FVR Mod Installed

MADE BY: Platform
V8Skinner: All liveries, windows and programming
Blastermatt: Technical Help

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