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FVR V8SC 2011 1.98

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 05-Mar-11
Current release: 1.980, on 24-Mar-11

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Screenie by: dbens1
Screenie by: dbens1
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld

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"Every lap, every race is a challenge; the thoughts and prayers of the team at FVR are with Ken as he faces the challenges ahead"

The team at FVR is pleased to finally release version 1.9 of our V8 Supercars mod which is 99% Scratch Made.

New Models - FlashQld (FVR)
New Skins - Ferret40 (FVR)
New Pacecar - FVR
Updated Physics - dBens1 (FVR)
Updated Camera - thanks to Peter Gee for suggested values
New Sounds - Bebop1 (FVR)
RealFeel Support now implemented (dBens1)
Updated Driver Talent - KashmirMafia

Version 1.9 also has custom .VEH files so that AI cars will automatically select the right skin for the track. This means that at Middle East tracks, the cars will display the Middle East skins that were used in 2011. At Bathurst and Phillip Island they will display Enduro skins (once these are sighted and completed). The player must manually select the relevant skin however. More custom skins will be available as they are created.

As always with FVRV8 files we try to give you something different on a regular basis rather than resting on our laurels. Its not for everyone and if not then so be it, delete it. We are four normal guys with normal day to day lives - we each have a job to do in the creation of FVRV8 and tracks and we try to make sure the end user has an enjoyable experience.

There is also some new upgrade options to allow the cars to be customised more to suit the user. There is adjustable weight balance (front rear) and the cars default to this real life value, but can easily be altered in updates and setups. There are also update selectable diff balances to allow even more customisation to allow users to explore different setup options.

There is also a support folder within the MASFOLDER that allows the user to further customise appearance and sounds. instructions are included there

We'd like to thank

ISI for creating rFactor
Kangaloosh Car Factory
rfactor Suspension editor.
All our valuable members that provided input at FVRFactor Forums including fault finding and stuff.

V8Supercar drivers that we spoke with at
Redbank Plaza
Simulator Raceway Townsville
High Octane Archerfield.
Hyperstimulator NZ

V8 Supercars Australia, for bringing us a fantastic racing series, and to the teams that do their utmost to deliver high speed thrills and spills on a regular basis.

Once again thanks to everyone for their constructive feedback.

Do not copy, mutilate, change without written consent.
Not for public display unless authorised by FVR in writing, in other words no claiming you made it and use it at track displays.


You must install FULL Version 1.96
Then download and install PATCH version 1.97 which includes Clipsal Carset

****** Patch 1.98 now available. *************

This patch updates the tyres. It also updates the VEH files to allow for all track skin addons. This patch updates the tyre skins so they change during a pit stop, not in spinner. This patch also updates the taillights to hopefully stop that black colour thing happening.

Due to a typo in the original patch, we have made corrections and the download link below is for the latest (called 1.98B) We recommend that everyone installs this one.

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Detail on the life is transferred for the excitement on part of the people. It has been changed and review is marked for the humans. The struggle is invoked for the utilization of the goals for the humans in life.
saricyb on Dec-03-2018

Does anyone have the Ford templates for the mod ?
heresy666 on Apr-15-2013

Originally posted by: nzwarrior51

I cant find them either can i have help with getting tracks

The mod does not come with tracks included. You can find Aussie tracks here at RFC
dbens1 on Feb-22-2013

I cant find them either can i have help with getting tracks
nzwarrior51 on Dec-07-2012

i dont get the tracks i cant find them
murphmax51 on Nov-06-2012

Yes it does have hard tyres. When you say all track configs, do you mean when you purchase an upgrade package. If not then maybe check that your install has not defaulted to the soft tyre upgrade option in the vehicle selection in the main rfactor menu
dbens1 on Jul-24-2012

does this mod have hard tyres? can only get softs and wets with all track config's
symogums on Jul-17-2012

Gold Coast Skins (and other round skins) are available over at in the forums
dbens1 on Jun-08-2012

Great mod! but there are no Gold Coast skins?
gauthier on May-18-2012

Pop on over to and ask in the forums there. Plenty of talented skinners about.
dbens1 on Apr-17-2012

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