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FVRNZ_V8 1.40

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 07-Dec-08
Current release: 1.400, on 07-Dec-08

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Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
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Screenie by:
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: ferret40
Screenie by: ferret40
Screenie by: FlashQld
Screenie by: FlashQld

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FVRNZ_V8's is a 99% scratch built mod. It represents the New Zealand V8 series using the Ford BA Falcon and the Holden VZ Commodore. Featuring all new physics, tested by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

FVRNZ_V8's will feature the 2007-08 and the 2008-09 cars New Zealand series.

Just extract to your rFactor folder and select a series.

Then go racing. Just rememeber these cars slide a lot more and they don't brake as well. Run a championship and use all your Kiwi tracks just like the real championship.


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Archer52 on Jul-27-2020

Do you know if they are making 2010/11 Skins?
TSR Racing on Feb-21-2011

Will be posting a 2010-11 update for this one shortly but this is the link for the base mod.
FlashQld on Jan-03-2011

Updating the links for this on the FVR Downloads page later today.
FlashQld on Jan-03-2011

Anyone have a d/l link for this mod - signed up to the FVR website...and d/l link was dead???
NZOrion on Dec-11-2010

were do i download the setup ??/
kdsr patey on Feb-14-2010

very good skins

good job
nh racing on Dec-22-2009

If you head to the forums, there is a download page that you can get the templates, it uses the same one as the current FVRV8 BF.
FlashQld on Jun-24-2009

Absolutley love this mod and the AU V8Supercars series! Coming from Auck, NZ it's fun to fang around NZ track in NZ cars Great Job.

Was wondering if there are any templates for the BA for skinning?
D1Racer_NZ on Jun-22-2009

I second Flash's comments,With everyones support we have gone strength to strength and keep getting stronger every day.

Yeah it's hard to have a sanga at lunchtime as Flash cracks the whip at us to get back to work.

We all hope averyone has a great Christmas and New Year.

ferret40 on Dec-20-2008

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