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FVRV8 2007 V8 Supercars Series Skin Pack 1

By: V8Skinner and V8Skinner

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Hi rFactor lovers, V8Skinner here.

I got to work for FVRFactor again so I decided to release a Skin Pack that faithfully represents the 2007 V8 Supercars Series. It runs with the FVR V8 2011 Mod installed and the Fujitsu 2011 Skin Pack Installed. It includes all the cars and all the liveries used in that series.

1. Unrar the AU V8 SERIES 2007 folder in your
rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\FVRV8\FVR_V8SC11\all_teams folder

2. Unrar the rfm folder in your rFactor\rfm folder

3. Have a nice race.

Dbens1: Technical Support
FVRFactor: Platform
V8Skinner: Idea, all liveries and windows

The 2007 year was a particular one in V8 Supercars because both Ford and Holden brought new cars. the Falcon BF and the Commodore VE. Every Ford team switched to the BF car, but in the first rounds of the series there were 5 VZ still running (#11 Perkins', #55 Owen's, #39 Coulthard's, #33 Holdsworth's and #50 McConville's). 3 of those drivers (Perkins, Holdsworth and McConville) later that year switched to the VE, but the other 2 (Coulthard and Owen) remained until the end of the season. And this was an issue, as rFactor does not allow a driver to change car: to simulate the season, we should have made all the cars with 6 of them having the same number and the same driver name on the side windows and then you cancel one of them according to what round you are going to run. But seriously: no one cares about doing that.

So I chose to do the following: I have prepared a skin pack with the 5 VZ who ran at the beginning of the season AND, as separate optional update, the 3 VE that were used later. Run the cars you want. You might even add all of them.
Your Affair. A third version of the 2007 skin pack with only 2 VZs and the rest running VEs and BFs is also available, so you have full choice.

31 cars in every round + 3 Optional Update
0 Wildcards
116 Total Skins painted including round skins and optional update
70 Windows Painted, including Optional update, every drivers' change and
enduro windows
...not including errors fixing...


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yiniyuyi on Jun-09-2018

This needs some serious "lite-ening". Low fps (68-120) for what I usually get (400-500), but it doesn't run at all smoothly. Kind of "slide showy" It looks very promising I have to say, but it doesn't run smoothly even in private testing mode.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

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