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FVRV8 2008 Fujitsu V8 Supercars Series Skin Pack 1

By: V8Skinner and Blastermatt

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Screenie by: V8Skinner
Screenie by: V8Skinner

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For the FVRFactor lovers, here is another of my Skin Pack: The 2008 Fujitsu V8 Supercars Series. As usual, it runs with the 2011 FVR V8 and the Fujitsu FVR 2011 installed.

Those who love FVRFactor since the beginning and are still here might remember the Fujitsu 2009 series was the first Skin Pack ever to be officially released by FVR. But that is not entirely true. In 2008, the 1.2 Version of the 2008 FVR V8 Mod included two skin packs: one with the NZ cars, and the other with the Fujitsu cars. However, these skin packs disappeared in the next version of the 2008 mod since they were flawed: the NZ cars had the same grip, brakes and 6-speed gearbox of the main V8 Series, and the Fujitsu skin pack had all the Holden liveries adapted from the VZ used in reality to the 2008 VE, which was the only Holden available in that time (The VZ would have been available in October 2008 or thereabout).

THE RESULTS: Eventually, the result is the one you see. This has been hard work, but in the end it was a good laugh and the result was satisfactory, so I don't mind the difficulties encountered. It was a good adventure, let's put it in this way.

THE NUMBERS: 45 Fords painted, 49 Holdens painted and so many windows, not including errors and tests.

1. Unrar the FUJITSU V8 SERIES 2008 folder in your rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\FVRV8\FVR_V8SC11\all_teams folder
2. Unrar the rfm folder in your rFactor\rfm folder
3. Have a nice race.

MADE BY: :: Platform
Ferret40 :: Original skins
V8Skinner :: All the new skins and windows
Blastermatt :: Editing the veh files

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