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FWD Open 1

By: rfrancis
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 03-May-06
Current release: 1, on 03-May-06

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I did this first project (Civic) to learn and to see what modding is all about. A month before its completion I had no idea how to model a car so, big thanks to Nunux for his great tutorial, to Nugit for answering many questions and everyone at WGTL for helping me to really get out of the wood! Special thanks to the beta-testers: Chris, Robert and Anton who all gave me GREAT feedback.

Keep in mind that this first mod is an experiment and is far from being perfect. If I see a demand for it, I will eventually build new wheels, a new cockpit and a more accurate body. I chose the Civic 1990 for my first project because I had one for many years and i really enjoyed driving it, and I thought that a not too quick front-wheel drive car would allow for nice close racing. :)

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fysuwuruni on Nov-08-2018

Great first mod, conrgratulations!
I have a couple of suggestions
that you may find useful. First,
I hope that you do upgrade the
textures and graphic details a
little as video cards are capable
of handling some pretty high
textures these days and this
car is worth it! Second, I think you
should reconsider the name of the
mod, as it is only one model and
I think if you called it '90 Honda
Vtech or something it might actually
grab more people's attention. I
also notice that there is another
modder on the site trying to do a CRX
of the same year and engine size,
perhaps he would give you permission
to combine (as he doesn't seem to be
finishing the CRX mod anyway). Then
perhaps a 1990 honda shootout?
Just thought I would drop a couple of
ideas on you. Love the work and it is
exactly the kind of car that is fun to drive
with great balance, which produces the closest
and most enjoyable racing. Thank you!
joejoepop on Jul-05-2009

This is an absolute blast!
Eddie Lynch on Aug-28-2008

Thanks a lot for doing one of my favorite cars as a addon for this game!!! I had one of these ('91 Civic VTEC) for over six years, an it was more fun driving it than any other car i owned or drove EVER! thanks alot man!
ugly_one on Aug-28-2008

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