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Falcon F1 Ltd 1

By: Lighthorse
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse
Screenie by: Lighthorse

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Formula One Ltd
!! Completed !!

Front spoiler 5 Choices
Rear Spoiler 5 Choices

Tire compound selection:
Super Soft
Medium Soft
Medium Hard

Looked at a lot of tire compounds Figured this
would make a good selection.
Template is included with DL

UPDATED: 8\01\12
Tire Textures
Fixed missing tires on High settings
Engine sounds

Updated: 8\08\12
Body Styles have been updated.

I was working on having different Engine Physics
for each car type , but decided against it
so they are all the same out the gate. That
way each driver needs to optimize there car.

Updated and changed Allot of files.
Delete old and install new.
The car is completed

8/15 Last for awhile
Fixed pit times and engine settings
Working on new rims for the final update

8/18/12 Rims are complete
!! Except that small problem on spinner
Not showing proper tire textures and not setting
on the center of spinner,,
Anyone have any ideas ??

8/22/12 Link will be back up tonight.
restructuring the file and folder layout. and
reconverting the .gmt's.

OK Spinner problem Fixed, Finally figured it out.
Still a problem with the proper Tire skins showing on the Spinner

OK . I gave up on the multiple Tire textures problem, to bad nobody would help me.
The Slicks have also been updated with a few more polys to smooth them out more in the full and max settings.
Until I figure out the tire texture problem, this should be the final update.
Please enjoy our team cars.
We are thinking about making the server public.

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The new links are UP.
Replaced the helmet with the right one.

Also fixing problem with Addison Car loading .mas error.
Lighthorse on Aug-31-2012

Thanks for the PM,,,
You are right it is the wrong helmet not texture. I accidently deleted the wrong gmt.
I am fixing it now and will put up the new links shortly.
Thanks Ken
Lighthorse on Aug-31-2012

@ 3377: The helmet & the driver are the rFactor Templates
Lighthorse on Aug-31-2012

Wrong update link
correct one is

Also cleaned up the mas files , noticed files in them
that were not needed.
Lighthorse on Aug-30-2012

I found a mistake , I accidently assigned the wrong tire to the left rear of Addison Racing. it has been fixed, DL the patch.
Lighthorse on Aug-30-2012

Thanks Lighthorse fot this mod,

I found the templates for the car , but could we get the one from the helmet & the driver?

Thanks a lot

3377 on Aug-28-2012

OK I went through and re imported everything
The new link is up and the problem is still there.
in game its OK but on Spinner, the car wont sit center and
texture stays the same, Each tire and tire type has a different texture name.
Lighthorse on Aug-22-2012

Updated new link
Finally got my rims working, Looks better
the old vehicle folder " FalconF1 " then unRaw
the new one.

Having a problem with the car on the Spinner,
it is not centered also when switching to the slicks the
texture stays as the regular tires.
Any ideas out there.???
all works well in race, Car will be ready to release when
I figure out what is wrong with the spinner.
Lighthorse on Aug-20-2012

Sorry messed up the link. Fixed it.
Lighthorse on Aug-13-2012

Updated: rfm
Lighthorse on Aug-01-2012

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