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Feel The Speed Cup 2.60

By: Winni
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: GT
Initial release: 01-Apr-06
Current release: 2.600, on 15-May-07

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This mod does NOT change any graphics

Mod features:

All ISI cars (Hammer, Howsten, ZR, Rhez06, Rhez, Rayzor, Venom, Panoz ALMS, Panoz GTR1 and Panoz GTS) are in 'one class',
runs competitively with each other (Each car with ca 600 HP and 800 NM torque)

A new tyre brand (Trackmaster Pro Race) with soft, medium and hard tyres
Optimal tyre temperature 105 degrees. Warm up your tyres (2 rounds). Don't overheat your tyres! (Grip loss)

Optimal brake temperature: between 100 - 600 degrees celsius


This update improves the FFB effects with the 'realfeel' plugin.
Now it's possible to 'feel' the grip difference between cold and warm tyres.

You can disable the ISI FFB effects in the 'car upgrade' settings (ISI FFB = 0).

Need stronger FFB? -> increase the caster setting in rFactor car setup or decrease MaxForceAtSteeringRack in realfeel plugin.

Tested with a Logitech G25 wheel and the following settings

Please read the 'Readme2_6.TXT' file in the FTS_Cup folder for more info.


New engine sounds
Improved damage model
Back to the original suspension files
Fixed some shadow bugs (windshield)
Folder/File naming changed to fit rFactor 1.250
fixed some other bugs

Use the uninstaller or do a search for FTS_Cup*.* in your rFactor folder. Delete all FTS_Cup*.* folder and files

Feel free to post/upload your car setups on

Also feel free to post your comments and hints on

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Although not every single car fits well into one class. However, Panoz GTS + Hammer + Howston + ZR = best combination ever. Great fantasy mod/series
LizardFolk on Oct-02-2008

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