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Ferrari 312B F1-1970 0.91

By: Alain Lefebvre
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 01-Jun-08
Current release: 0.910, on 25-Oct-08

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Screenie by: Uff
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is about the Ferrari 312B from the 1970' F1 season... The very first "boxer".

This mod will be limited to this car only. If successfull, we may extend to the others cars of the 1970's season such as BRM, Matra, March, Mac Laren, Brabham and Lotus... But it will be a huge work!

Short history
The Ferrari 312B F1 for the 1970' season was the very first F1 from the "scuderia" with the "boxer" engine (flat 12 cylinders).
After a slow start, the 312B ended the season with a storm of victories: 4 GPs win in 1970!
All thought, it was not enought for Jacky Ickx to win the title wich goes for Jochen Rindt (the one and only to be post mortem world champion).

The 70' season was the first of a prestigious decade who saw the fight between the Ferrari and the Cosworth' based english teams. On these days, the tires are yet wide and the wings everywhere but the cars remains basic and the speed has not reach the peak of the wing-car aera.

The concept behind this mod
Our goal was to realize a realist mod of this wonderfull car but, also, to get a pleasant behavior on the track and not difficult to drive.
So, it's mainly a compromise between realism and fun to drive. The realism is important but it's not a dogma for us. If we have to choose between sticking with reality of the car and a good behavior or look, we will not choose realism...

Beta version
Keep this in mind: it's only a BETA version, so it's unfinished!
This version 0.91 is full of bugs so don't be surprised if it not match of the others mods you already used in online races.

Why releasing this mod in beta?
This a call for help!
Something in this mod is wrong and you think you can do better?
No problem, your contribution will be welcome!
We are short of skill on Rfactor this is why we need to enlarge the team in order to finish this project.

What's new in this 0.91?
- the physics are final (by Niels), at least, we do hope so!
- lot of skins
- updgrades avaliable
- soundpack is complete
- the tyres are at the right size now

What's left in the to-do-list?
- this mod is too FPS hungry... it's need to "deflate" on this side...
- and many more we still have to discover!
Your help is needed to finish this humble project... So, contact us on the RSC forum.

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I think that this mod is really fine! The car is awsome, and the behaviour is wonderful. But there's a problem... I don't know if it's my foot to the metal driving or something I'm doing wrong, but the engine keeps blowing! I do one lap at the Kyalami and the engine goes KABUUM! If you know hoe to solve this problem please reply. Thanks XD
Thank you from bringing the legend alive again!
superferrariman on Feb-18-2010

here's the download
attackment on Oct-28-2009

Is there a download link for this mod anywhere??..........if not WHY?
Madprof on Oct-12-2009

Gyro, I guess that he would have registered his account in his name. As for a separate e-mail address, it might be worth checking the web link at the top of the page and seeing if you get anywhere. That said, Alain has been quite quiet for some time, so it might not be easy to get a reply out of him.
Maurits, as far as I am aware, Alain hasn't announced that he has abandoned the mod altogether (though there have not been any updates for quite a while), so I wouldn't give up all hope just yet.
skiffle on Jul-23-2009

is this mod dead? If so than it is a pitty,beautiful car,promessing mod....
Will there be a final version ? Surely hope so..........
Greetings from Ninove Belgium
Maurits on Jul-23-2009


i would like to contact Alain Lefebvre

What is his rfactor name or any e-mail where i can reach him ?

Gyro on Jul-01-2009

Fantastic looking car, great sounds but i don't use ReelFeel and therefore got no force feedback. This is even with the other options selected in the upgrades, and without force feedback it isn't worth driving.
Fusi0n on Oct-26-2008

This is one of the best car I've ever driven (not only in rF): with the last update and Real Feel is absolutely amazing! Graphic still need improvements (there are many hole you can see through, in the car), but a part for that, the driving side is simply marvelous. Back on track!
Uff on Oct-26-2008

Cockpit and FPS are the most evident areas needing improvements (some work on texturing would also be appreciated...) but for the rest, this is overall a MASSIVE improvement indeed. ... So, please do continue like this as this mod is becoming serious stuff and indeed a very pleasant and challenging one to drive.... So a big, big BRAVO to Alain and his team, and please continue like this....
llucao on Oct-26-2008

Bon ça c'est amelioré de toute evidence, on va donc tester tout ça.
French topic inside
protoprout on Oct-26-2008

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Ferrari 312B F1-1970