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Ferrari 312T2 0.50

By: WCP series and stDave
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: WCP series
Screenie by: WCP series

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The Ferrari 312T was a Ferrari Formula One car design, based on the 312B3 from 1974. In various versions, it was used from 1975 until 1980. It was designed by Mauro Forghieri for the 1975 season and was an uncomplicated and clean design, that responded to mechanical upgrades.


3d artist: stDave
2d artist: Etexito, Tom Speed, Alain Fry, Nikita

Physics: Alain Fry
Sounds: Wolferl, Entersandman
Cameras: Tom Speed, Entersandman


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Emilly on Aug-21-2018

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thutrangctp on Jun-27-2018

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thutrangctp on Jun-27-2018

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windowmoviemaker on May-30-2018

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jennyhannb on Apr-10-2018

Looking forward to this great sounding Mod!
Thanks for making it just the way it is.
alienaudio on Feb-12-2017

hey guys you can complete quetsa ferari 312 T2 ? resume the project with rfactyor 1 we still play a lot of people ...
cazzofregna79 on Apr-01-2016

hi, creators wcp series, I really admire your work and your car in my opinion are very well done ..... congratulations ..!

only one thing I do not understand:

because, for example, created the Lotus 107B which has a lot of history will not, in fact has nothing in comparison to the ferrari 312t2 that is stopped for a long time ........ why do not you finish the first f1 truly historical, as the Williams FW07 and ferrari 312 t2 ...? thank you very much ..... and after instead of creating the Williams FW26 why not create and release such as the Lotus 97T Senna ....? users think players will be very happy about this! ... thanks and congratulations your car ......
flabi78 on Mar-31-2014

oooh! aaah! How far back to you planning on going with this project?
nebraskadirt on Aug-04-2013

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