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Ferrari F60 0.90

By: Dutch_Can
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Dutch_Can
Screenie by: Dutch_Can
Screenie by: Dutch_Can
Screenie by: Dutch_Can
Screenie by: Dutch_Can
Screenie by: Dutch_Can

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The Ferrari F60 I am 90% done but it will be updated as soon changes are made by the Ferrari team. and I am still looking for a mapper and a painter so whoever wants to help please send me a message and some some work to show off .

No more messages to my email adress please

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Haay all,

I work allot witch dutch_can i paint the cars he made.
But the problem is that we dont know how to put it in the game.
For this we need people but no one helps us so far.

So if you know how to put it in the game with a model please let us know.
We want it in rFactor

He is now doing a other fun thing.
See pictures of how the ferrari looks now here:

PS Toyota still needs to be mapped. Dutch_can mapped the ferrari but the Toyota is hard to map..
Jermainesmit on Dec-11-2009

Do u have a release date?....cant wait till this is released u seemed to have to put in alot more efort then other Modders
leithan2009 on Aug-01-2009

Dutch_man. I have some 2009 Physics with KERS private investigation to being taking in consideration. It is activated by button and it canĀ“t be used the entire lap because brakes overheat.

Contact me on to talk about this.

forgive my poor english !
Kimi_cepsa on Jul-22-2009

Very good looking model, hope i'm not wrong by looking at the low definition screenshots you posted here. Anyway, much anticipated release this is, please make sure you give it some good physics and a quality skin to pack with. Good luck
CapitanulHaos on May-24-2009

but no one knows more or less when this mod will be ready?
alessiodefilippo on May-21-2009

Originally posted by: Jantsu92

Looks good but you can download F60 from here already:

Download link is in video description.

It's ugly!!! I could understand lack of painting, shaders or something, but that f60 from YouTube video (I downloaded it and tested too) is screwed at modeling phase; completely unprofessional job.
But this Ferrari F60 by Dutch_Can looks very promising. Hope it will be finished someday.
nameF1 on May-20-2009

when it comes out this mod? can not stand it anymore to wait
alessiodefilippo on May-18-2009

Sorry to be blunt Dutch...But this has been a WIP for quite some time now and the F60 is a great looking car, I was able to download the supposed 'Illegal' version but would much prefer yours, but if thats what it takes to drive the thing...So be it.
jackson222 on Mar-25-2009

Ferrari have already landed their completed pakage Paint Job and all in Abert Park...jeeez they'll be half way through the season and you'll still be 90 percent done! Paint Paint Paint! PS What uve done so far looks great but whats the point of all that hard work if it sits on 90 percent for six months,looking forward to it though
jackson222 on Mar-25-2009

does this include kers?
manwel93 on Mar-21-2009

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