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Ferrari_new_sound 1

By: ferrari_boy

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I have made new sound for Ferrari. it is not perfect, I will still improve my work.....

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This is certainly not as bad as some have posted. The top end sounds like an F1 engine. The Traction control and ground rubbing do sound louder than the engine itself. Probably just the way you have your rf sound settings configured. Any criticism I have would be centered on the associated sounds. The shifting sounds like generic rF sounds, and the blend from very low rpm to higher rpm seems to be rushed, like there could be another sound step between low and high. Keep at it.

If you do make another video, try showing different aural perspectives. How does it sound in the cockpit? From the TV cams?
davehenrie on Nov-20-2008

Dont worry ferrari_boy about peoples comments here, they can be very vulgar and bitter , just keep tweaking and good luck.
Speedglenn on Nov-18-2008

Just terrible sounds. Is this some joke?
Rammari on Nov-18-2008

not good at all
dinog on Nov-18-2008

well done!! for me the best Ferrari F12008 sound ever! Maybe a little improvement on shifting sound (for all, this sounds are for the F1RFT08)
cosm1 on Nov-18-2008

This is one of the worse F1 sounds I've ever heard...
HolyMurderer on Nov-18-2008

anger on Nov-18-2008

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