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Festival der Geschwindigkeit 1

By: Scott Juliano/ISI
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 07-Mar-06
Current release: 1, on 07-Mar-06

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Festival der Geschwindigkeit is a stunning complex of tracks set in and around the village of Lienz and surrounding mountains. The five routes available include:

- Altstadt 1.53km;
- Grand Prix Short: 3.067 m;
- Grand Prix: 1.703 m.
- Grand Prix Long: 3.067 m;

- 24 Hour Grand Prix: 1.703 m

Festival der Geschwindigkeit is a part of the rFactor 1150 installation.

NOTE: Festival der Geschwindigkeit is part of the Series.

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johnson738 on Apr-17-2018

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raosabir23 on Jan-30-2018

Here is the link for rFactor 1.255 version:
Kniker97 on Aug-12-2012

Can someone please give me a download for these tracks i want them really badly and there is no links someone help please!
jerjer12345 on Aug-23-2011

Awesome track! I do have a small issue with some objects drawing in the distance although all of my setting are set to the max, other than that I cannot complain.
McClusky on Aug-17-2011

LazyC, thank you very much (:
caspervdluijt on Jul-31-2011

Casper, if you go here :
the entire rfactor game can be downloaded one file at a time. Just right click and save as
LazyC on Jul-26-2011

Can someone please archive his Lienz folder from Locations and upload it to a download site?
I was editting the .scn and .gdb files and I didn't make a backup, and now my track doesn't work anymore.

caspervdluijt on Jul-26-2011

radracer256, as it says in the info for this track, "Festival der Geschwindigkeit is a part of the rFactor 1150 installation." If you have the latest rFactor (1255) then you already have this track.
hushypushy on Jun-11-2011

Could anyone post a download link to this spectacular looking collection of tracks?
radracer256 on Jun-11-2011

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